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Li Yee & her three friends take over Taiwan

by Andrea Tay

Taiwan is an island that is in the shape of potato across Southeast Asia and has got to be one of the many countries that practice freedom of speech in person or even on the internet. However, besides all that, this is a place where the crazy boba tea trend started as well. Being a country that has a lot of picturesque places,  there is no doubt that travellers will have beautiful pictures to feed their Instagram.

With two sides of the region, there is the famous Taipei on the Northside of the island and Tainan on the other. The distance between these two cities might seem near however, with plenty of things to see and places to visit — it is said that travellers would need a week or more to complete them both. When it comes to their transportation system and how to get around the city, it is quite convenient as to how there is a high-speed train allowing travellers to move from one point to another.

This time around, Li Yee and her friends have enjoyed a girls vacation trip to the southern part of Taiwan and had a blast.

Eluanbi Lighthouse

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Eluanbi is a place on the island that is also known as Taiwan’s Tail. Located at the southernmost point of Taiwan — Cape of Eluanbi, the Eluanbi lighthouse is known to have a lush green field that is perfect to lay back and enjoy the vast blue sky. For the unfamiliar, this cylindrical tower with balcony was created in the year 1982 with the means to provide its travellers with a landmark to remember when they come to visit the peninsula, The Light of East Asia.

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The lighthouse stands as high as 21.4 meters and is known to be the brightest lighthouse in Asia. With a park that is 59 hectares wide, there’s ample of interesting things to do when it comes to geology, botany and even ornithology. Not to forget their recreational equipment as well.

South Border Design Hotel

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The South Border Design Hotel was first established in Puding, Kenting. Famous for its beautiful views and huge Greek-like buildings, this is one hotel that travellers must stay when they’re in Puding. Just like how Chinese poet Tao Yuanming describes paradise in his poem, this place brings the poem to life. Unlike Kenting, Puding is a much more quiet and spiritual place.

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The serene atmosphere will just somehow let visitors feel at ease and is the perfect getaway if travellers are trying to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. To get here, one would have to drive through the fairyland like green-trail which is basically a big grassland with a borderless ocean. When the sun sets, the sky will turn orange and red as if someone cast a spell on the sky, giving off a mysterious vibe. Also, when the sun goes down and the stars come out, it is as if Van Gogh’s Starry Starry Night art piece has come to life.

Kenting Baishawan

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The Baishawan Beach in Kenting is considered to be one of the best beaches in Taiwan. It has superb sand, clear water which is just the right temperature and is sunny all year round. What makes it more spectacular is that this is the actual filming location for Life of Pi, turning it into the acting location of the Mexican shoreline. Baishawan Beach is also known as the “Best Kept Secret” beach in the world. Those travellers that are up for a more private beach style can opt for this one.

Kenting Gold Design Hotel

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This Kenting Gold Design Hotel is in Nanwan, Kenting and is known for its gorgeous white sandy beach and breathtaking ocean view. Fun fact: the hotel is actually named after the beautiful white sand that looks a little like gold powder scattered around the beach. Locals describe it as the West of the Sun.

Paradise of Deer

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The Paradise of Deer is a place to give back to the natural habitat of deers. Being a sanctuary for these animals, visitors could come and have a close-up interaction with the deers by feeding and petting them. This place acts as an educational yet warm reminder to visitors that they play a huge role when it comes to the environment and ecosystem.

You can find Li Yee’s spectacular journey as portrayed on her Instagram (@liyeeeeee).

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