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This local scarf brand celebrates modesty with its unique prints and signature awning design

by Grace Sundram

Known for their unique prints and signature awning design in their instant hijab line,  Jimmy founded JIMMYSCARVES in 2017 and originally began as one of the brands which took off from Instagram, offering a fresher take on tudung labuh (wide, elongated hijabs) before expanding their product range to include hijab accessories, such as twillies, brooches and inners. 


In Malaysia, the interpretations of modesty can be varied, with not everybody wearing scarves that cover their chests. While there are hundreds, if not thousands of hijab brands, the brands catering to those who prefer larger, elongated scarves usually produce scarves with muted colours, limiting the choices for them.

This is where JIMMYSCARVES comes in, with the aim of providing fashionable, affordable, and quality hijabs for working-class women around Malaysia who prefer wider, elongated scarves while being trendy. Born out of the passion in producing great quality and affordable scarves, JIMMYSCARVES aims to convey to Muslim women that wearing scarves should be honoured and celebrated.


Elegant, chic, minimalist, and stylish are the characteristics that have become the trademark for JIMMYSCARVES designs. Jimmy emphasises simplicity in his designs as he believes that with design, less is more. The scarves are also longer and wider than regular scarves, making them a quick favourite amongst women in Malaysia.

The brand has now launched a website and a physical store two years after they began, located in Bandar Sri Sendayan, Negeri Sembilan. They also have plans to open more stores in Bangi and Shah Alam to cater to their growing customer base.


To mark its third anniversary this year, JIMMYSCARVES is releasing a new collection, the Maryam bawal instant series. Featuring two different variations; printed curve and plain curve, Maryam bawal instant is an embodiment of a modern Muslim woman that JIMMYSCARVES celebrates – vibrant, elegant and chic while maintaining their modesty.

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