Home Highlight Enjoy Tealive’s beverages with their first strawless reusable bubble tea cup

Enjoy Tealive’s beverages with their first strawless reusable bubble tea cup

by Andrea Tay

There is no doubt that Tealive is the OG for all bubble tea beverages. As much as we love to drink bubble tea, one thing we shouldn’t forget is that it isn’t good for the environment given how much plastic it uses. Following the footsteps of other beverage outlets that have their own reusable cups, Tealive has jumped into the bandwagon to save mother nature.

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Dubbed as the largest tea brand in Southeast Asia, they have created a solution to reduce the usage of plastic with the all-new Tealive Eco Series. Just like how most eateries have cut down their plastic straw supplies by replacing it with metal straws, Tealive is playing their part as well by being committed to sustainability.

To elevate the tea-drinking experience whilst being able to protect the environment, Tealive has whipped up its first strawless reusable bubble tea cups: Tealive x OneCup Eco Glass Tumbler and Tealive Eco Strawless Cup. The glass tumbler comes with three colours and is made with borosilicate glass whereas the latter is made out of food-grade materials. None of the materials used brings harm to the environment.

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What makes the Tealive Eco Strawless Cup the highlight, is its inner compartment of the cup. This is created to hold the toppings on top of the beverage, making it easier for the topping to flow from cup to mouth. With that, it eliminates the need for a straw.

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For now, the glass tumbler is available for purchase at some of Tealive’s participating outlets at RM59.90 that comes with its own stainless steel straw, cleaning brush and a free Tealive drink voucher worth RM7. However, for members, it is only for RM50 and is available for walk-in purchases only. Tealive enthusiasts can also purchase the tumbler from Lazada at the same price of RM59.90. Whereas the eco strawless cup will only be available in June 2020.

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