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Create natural-looking gradient nails with this Korean nail polish brand

by Grace Sundram

When it comes to women and makeup, it doesn’t just make them look good but it also helps to boost their confidence and self-esteem. Aside from make-up though, women’s nails are just as important as well. With the 3CE Stylenanda Take A Layer Layering Nail Lacquer, women can now conquer the world with its pleasing colour variations.


For the unfamiliar, 3CE is the popular Korean cosmetics brand of Style Nanda and is known for their staple lip products. With their Take A Layer collection, the brand now carries eye shadow palettes, blushers and even nail polishes. Like its collection’s name, every product is ideal for creating a gradient look with a swipe of tint and vibrant hue.


Born from 3CE’s special triple system, the nail polish helps prevent scratches whilst dry quicker compared to others. What makes this brand special is its exceptional nail polish that offers a subtle colour payoff with a glossy finish, making it easy to create natural gradient nails.


Unlike some, the Take A Layer Layering Nail Lacquer doesn’t just nourish your nails but it also protects it from external harmfulness by preventing the loss of moisture with three different oils (olive oil + argan oil + jojoba oil) and two nourishing components (vitamin E complex + Calcium Pantothenate).


Each set comes with two different shades and it also has a triangle-shaped brush to even out the application on your nails. Overall, there are 5 different Take a Layer Layering Nail Lacquer shades: Dazzling Peach, Last Pink, Pure Red, Rolling Rose and Soft Orange.


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