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This local leading hijab brand introduces a new look and future

by Grace Sundram

Five years since its inception, leading hijab brand, Naelofar is taking 2020 by storm with an exciting new brand identity. In line with Naelofar’s new identity, the aim is to help women feel empowered by their decision to choose modest wear and our mission to Go Far.

Naelofar, founded by prominent Malaysian celebrity and entrepreneur, Neelofa, has become one of Malaysia’s biggest modest wear brands in Malaysia and across the region. Naelofar has always been a bold, creative and aspirational brand but with the new change, the brand’s elements work together to bring this story to life and to create a clear, compelling and consistent identity.


Neelofa said, “With this new direction, I hope Naelofar is able to inspire change in society’s perception towards women’s choices in this modern-day and era.” She added, “I also want them to know that they don’t need to be afraid to go as far as they can and don’t let distance hold them back because the only barriers to success are the ones they make themselves. I created Naelofar so that every woman can go far. The rest is up to them.”


Being Miss Teen Malaysia 2009/2010, Neelofa had seen – first-hand – a lot of women struggling to be confident with what they wear and how much that has held them back from a lot of great opportunities and chances. Driven by the passion to make a difference for other women, Naelofar’s rebranding will no doubt be able to steer the brand into the direction of inspiring women to be confident with what they wear.


Naelofar has also introduced a new logo and a refreshed website making it instantly recognisable no matter how far you go. The new logo also showcases Naelofar’s new branding colour “Naelofar Orange”, which reflects the strength and boldness of the brand.


In conjunction with the brand’s new direction, Naelofar will also be rolling out a new “The Go Far Collection”. The Go Far Collection will showcase the brand’s new identity, with a fresh, new, edgy and modern look. It will feature clean graphics, stripping and shredding excessive, unnecessary decorative elements, keeping only the core functioning fundamental elements needed.


This collection is bold and reflects the new direction in the brand handwriting and DNA. With this collection, Naelofar will continue to inspire women through bold femininity and female empowerment. The collection is already available on the website for purchase.

Loyal customers of Naelofar can expect new and exciting collections in the coming months. For more information, visit Naelofar’s website or stay up to date on announcements on their socials at Instagram or Facebook.

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