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Forget Valentine’s Day, here’s what you singles can do this Friday instead

by Andrea Tay

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, it basically a day full of hope to some. Especially to those who have always yearn for a fairy-tale-like date or like a love story like the ones portrayed in Nicholas Sparks books. However, if getting yourself a date didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to be, then there is no need to be embarrassed about it.

We have curated a list of things for you to do this Valentine’s Day without having a beau.

Spend the day with your family

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With the vigorous momentum of how life took us on, you might find it challenging to take some time off just to spend quality time with your family. Nevertheless, they are the next closest person in this world for you so instead of taking them for granted, treasure your time with them. The best way of spending time with them will be putting away your electronic devices and come together for a meal. Thus, you can reminisce the good, old times.

Tag along to your siblings’ date

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The third wheel in a relationship is not something one wishes to have, what more during a date. However, you can act as an escort for your siblings, making sure everything goes smoothly as to plan. Adding to that, you can take this opportunity to get to know your future sister or brother-in-law better. Special occasions can be one of the easiest ways of spotting the true colour of your in-law especially when they might want to have an alone with the one they love.

Impromptu trip with friends

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Nothing beats the long term burn-out from work than going on a road trip with friends. You can sing along, dance to the beat while enjoying your time in the car. It can be the best time to catch up with friends who you have lost contact with for a long time or even with your best friends. This can also be an opportunity for you to visit one of the most crowded tourist hot spots, Genting Highlands.

Ps. Ever since the news of the on-going virus, there has been a huge reduction in the number of tourists at Genting. So it could be safe (we guess), just make sure you have your masks and sanitisers with you!

Talk to your inner child and express it through arts

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You can’t deny that with the monotonous daily working routine, you seldom find time to spend it with yourself. You would take up the offer to go out on lunch and dinner with a large group of friends where sometimes you will feel suffocated and gasping for air. The reason why you are feeling that certain way is because there is a voice calling inside of you, yet there is you aren’t listening to it. Thus, this is where arts come in to place. There are many art studios around town where you can express your riled up emotions and feelings which you have kept in suppression for long. Feel free to drop over with your paintbrush and create the masterpiece of your life.

Cafe hopping 

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No matter how much you crave for alcohol to drown your sorrows of being alone on this special day, you probably can dwell with your sweet tooth cravings as well. Imagine indulging in that delicious burnt cheesecake, red velvet and even apple crumble pie! Explore around the local cafes in your best outfit that makes you feel absolutely confident and who knows you might surprise yourself with leaving the place with a date. Also, dress yourself up by staying true to the motto of I dress up for myself not for others.

Hit the gym

Untitled design - 2020-02-11T145808.193If you are an introvert who has the desire of working out in the gym but refrain yourself because of the crowd, this will be the best time for you. The gym will be all yours, to begin with. And there is no one occupying the equipment for whatever workout routine or regimens you wish to start with. Get that body toned and lean.

Solo trip

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Spending valuable time with yourself is an essential thing in life. No company feels better than your own company. With that, you can fulfil that journey by planning a solo trip. Travelling alone is the best activity you can do to recharge yourself and to get away for a bit from reality. You travel not to escape life but to not let life escape from you.

Pamper yourself in the local saloon or spa


What’s the point of earning money and not using it for yourself? Money can be earned, but your own well being should be well taken care of as well. Pamper yourself at the nearby saloon to get yourself a makeover or even a short visit to the spa where you can loosen up your tense body and re-energize yourself to continue on the journey.

Overlook the agenda of Valentine’s celebration

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There is nothing sadder than not having any secret Valentine or anyone exceptional to spend the day with. But instead, it can be a day where you can plan and manage your finance well. Forget all about the extravagant gifts and meals. In accordance with the commercialized celebration, you can save more for a better future.

Call-in for delivery

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If you are too lazy to go out, or you just don’t feel like getting stuck in the crowd, you can actually order in and spend the day with your pyjamas.

Movie marathon 

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Pop the butter corn! A movie marathon is one thing that should not be missed from a good weekend. Ranging from all genres to choose from on Netflix, you can now watch any shows and movies you want without going to the cinema. If you want to feel the right ambience of watching a movie, all you need is a blanket to snuggle in, a bowl of popcorn and a mug of hot chocolate.

Discover new recipe

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With no disturbance from anyone, you can now discover new recipe online or from a cookbook. From baking desserts to cooking your favourite dish, this is one activity that will get your mind of Valentine’s Day. It is said that cooking is a good way to de-stress and it will flow through you by converting that negative energy into something positive.

Have a pet date

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For those with pets, you can take your lovely furbabies for a date out to the dog park or dog-friendly cafes. Not only will it help you reconnect with your pets after a busy week, but it will feel content with spending time with its human.

Making a journal

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Journaling is an activity that takes time to make and for you to pour your heart out. All you need to make a basic journal are washi tapes, stickers, colourful pens and most importantly the right notebook. It is recommended to get one without the lines.

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