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Achieve a 20/20 health goal this year through positive lifestyle choices with Savor of Life

by Grace Sundram

The festive holiday seasons spanning from Christmas 2019 to the Lunar New Year 2020 celebrations have finally come to an end. Many Malaysians have spent the past months shopping, entertaining, and of course, eating. We go through our holidays abandoning most ‒ if not all ‒ restraint, in our pursuit of caloric indulgence. We rationalise that after the holidays, we’re going to lose weight and get in shape. New Year’s resolutions are made with the goal of making healthier choices; however, research has shown that only 8% of people succeed in keeping to this goal.


Believing that there is nothing more important than good health, local Malaysian startup, Savor of Life wants to help Malaysians achieve their 2020 resolutions. Through encouraging positive eating habits and making the right lifestyle choices, the alternative holistic healthcare service provider aims to help Malaysians manage their bad habits through a healthier lifestyle change, preventing diseases instead of treating them. 

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“We believe that most Malaysians understand the importance of healthy living, and are determined to change their lifestyle, but do not know where to start. Through our programme, we provide Malaysians with nutritious meal plans and connect them with health coaches with the aim of keeping them on track for their fitness goals. Our simple, step-by-step approach is here to help Malaysians develop a sustainable lifestyle that stimulates disease reversal. 

Ultimately, we want to help Malaysians live healthier and happier,” said Shaun Kuan, CEO of Savor of Life. 

Plan your meals for a balanced diet 


In 2011, the World Health Organisation (WHO) found that Malaysia is ranked number one for the country with the most overweight population in Southeast Asia. Nearly a decade since, Malaysia still has the highest rate of obesity among the Asian countries, with 64% of male and 65% of the female population living with obesity. This can be attributed to the typically unhealthy Malaysian diet, and prolonged unhealthy eating habits can increase the risk of contracting non-communicable diseases (NCDs) these include heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, etc. 


To help Malaysians better curb the onset of NCDs while still catering to their “live-to-eat” need, Savor of Life has devised an easy-to-follow healthy meal plan. More than the provision of plant-based boxed meals, the brand is also providing a simple step-by-step recipe together with ingredients, guiding Malaysians in preparing their meals with their preferred taste. 

“Opting for a balanced diet is key in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Through meal planning and having a better understanding of our daily intake, we are able to better reach our diet and nutritional goals. Ultimately, we hope to help Malaysians adopt healthier eating habits as part of a lifestyle change that can help prevent diseases later in life,” said Shaun. 

Stay Motivated With A Health Coach 

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While healthy diets can reduce the risk of NCDs, there are other factors within each individual’s control that can further boost their health. Exercising, stress management, and controlling or abstaining from the intake of tobacco and alcohol are also effective means to boost physical wellbeing. More often than not, poor lifestyle choices are co-related; for example, stress can lead to emotional eating, and fatigue can contribute to physical inactivity. 

Understanding the vicious cycle that follows an unhealthy lifestyle, and the challenge in breaking the habit, Savor of Life consultants aim to keep Malaysians in check by taking on the role of a mobile health coach. Trained in behavioural changes, health coaches focus on ensuring that the physical and mental health of their clients is managed, motivating them to make permanent changes for a better lifestyle. 

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“Our lifestyle and behavioural factors are a big contributor to chronic diseases, and it can be easy to relapse into our old habits when we are not equipped with the right knowledge and motivations to change. More than fitness, our mental health also plays an important part in living a healthy life. We want to help Malaysians achieve continued to change, getting to the root of their health issues and overcoming them together,” said Shaun. 

While one’s background, lifestyle, and environment can affect the chances of developing chronic diseases, the combination of a healthier diet alongside a personal motivator can help many conquer these obstacles through prevention, not medication. 

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