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This all-in-one water purifier is just what you need in your home

by Grace Sundram

Water purifiers are one of the basic necessities needed in a household and being in the year 2020, it is best to start with a machine that has all the tools to make the perfect beverage. This outstanding machine turns out to be the world’s first water purifier that does not only dispenses pure clean water but it also produces ice cubes and has a selection of premium Italian capsule coffee for all coffee enthusiasts.

Design: 4.5/5

The ChungHo Whi Caffe EDGE is made with the latest technology from Korea that showcases a unique multi-functional system. Unlike bulky water purifiers that takes an ample amount of space in your home, this Korean water purifier is absolutely compact-sized and can be placed anywhere without disrupting your space. With extended water dispensing space, this amazing machine can take water with any shape of bottle up to 25cm. Instead of old-fashioned buttons, just like smartphones — this machine has an intuitive touch screen with LED lighting that allows you to choose the options provided on the menu.

Features: 4.5/5


With being able to produce water in three different temperatures such as cold, hot, and room temperature like-water as well as ice, there is no more turning back to the traditional ways of using a kettle or leaving your beverage in the refrigerator to cool it. The ChungHo Whi Caffe EDGE produces pure and transparent ice cubes every 15 minutes so users don’t have to depend on their refrigerator’s freezer anymore. This all-in-one water purifier isn’t just a great machine with extended features to suit the user’s preference in one-go but it also has a 24-hour natural water circulation system. Bonus point: it comes with five different coffee flavours: Arte, Perla, Arabica 100% and Morning.

Performance: 4.5/5


This convenient water purification system comes with a five-stage filter system that removes dissolved pollutants, gases and odours to improve the quality of the water and taste. ChungHo Whi Caffe EDGE also features an ACS smart cleaning function that sterilises the tank every four days making users not worry about contamination by bacterias.


Users can now forget the long queues as they can now be their own barista and make their coffee with just a tap on the screen. With five coffee flavours, the ChungHo Whi Caffe EDGE creates an optimum temperature by providing the best taste of coffee within 30 seconds.

Price: RM 5,300

Website: chunghomy.com.my

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