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CLEAR introduces new botanical hair care range with 100% natural botanical extracts

by Grace Sundram

Inspired by botanical wisdom and harnessed by pure science, CLEAR Malaysia is proud to launch a new range of hair care products, CLEAR Botanique, that is infused with 100% natural botanical extracts with no parabens and colourant. The range is available at leading hypermarkets, supermarkets, pharmacies as well as e-commerce sites in Malaysia.


Woman today, are looking for a solution to resolve common dandruff concerns, whilst keeping the hair looking vibrant and beautiful. Although, most anti-dandruff shampoos are known purely for its dandruff efficacy contains. Often, women have concerns about anti-dandruff shampoo’s solutions being too harsh on hair, this can sometimes make hair look dull and rough. And for this reason, female consumers now look towards more natural ingredients to ease both scalp and hair concerns.

Now, with CLEAR Botanique, women can be assured that their hair and scalp will be well taken care of. This range, which is CLEAR’s natural anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner range, protects the hair and scalp with the help of its triple anti-dandruff technology and 100% natural botanical extract. This special botanical range helps boost scalp’s inner strength to prevent dandruff* from forming while keeping hair looking naturally strong, beautiful and full of life.


“Finding the perfect hair care routine can prove to be difficult as women today are not solely looking for an answer to dandruff-free hair. Instead, they are seeking for a total hair care solution that can help solve their dandruff concerns while keeping their hair looking beautiful and vibrant. This was the simple thought process behind why we wanted to introduce CLEAR Botanique to our consumers,” said Ms Natalie Goh, Marketing Manager for Hair Category from Unilever.


“Dandruff scalp & brittle hair is every woman’s personal fear resulting in the loss of confidence. We believe that a healthy and nourished scalp is the source of protection against scalp problems (dandruff, itch, dryness and, grease). It is the foundation for strong, healthy hair, which allows you to leave behind any worries and yet looking your best,” she added.

CLEAR’s Botanique series comes in two variants of shampoo and conditioner namely ‘Nourished and Healthy’. These variants tailor to dry scalp and hair, while ‘Balanced and Bouncy’ tailors to oily scalp and hair.


The Balanced and Bouncy variant consists of grape, jojoba and sunflower seeds oil is known to moisturize hair and scalp, preventing dandruff. It also gets absorbed by the skin and is miscible with sebum, which leaves no greasy after feels.


Whereas for the Nourished and Healthy variant, it is infused with 5 Essential Oils (tea tree, bergamot, grapefruit, rosemary and lavender oil) to nourish dry scalp and hair. Leaving hair looking healthy and beautifully nourished. Some of the oil functions are known to help direct blood flow to the scalp and promotes the growth of beautiful healthy hair.

You can now purchase the CLEAR’s new botanical range at Guardian’s retail and online at RM 22.90 for the shampoo and conditioner respectively. Consumers can also purchase a set at RM 45.80.

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