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It’s all about Malaysia’s favourite dishes and childhood games with these miniature artists

by Andrea Tay

Being in a beautiful country like Malaysia whereby you will always have the chance to fill up your tummy with multiracial food, there are two miniature artists who are inspired to come up with the best way to celebrate the food we have locally. Beware: grab something to fill your tummy as the below photos are guaranteed to make your tummy rumbling all the way.

Ling Hooi Yin

Known as Ling, she’s born in the year 1992 and has once stated that she might not survive in another country for more than three months due to her love for Malaysian food. This Multimedia designer graduate has been working in the designing field for about three years now before she founded TinyPinc and decided to go full-time in this area. Since the year 2010, she started using Polymer Clay to make miniature food and figurines. Being a proud Malaysian foodie, she expresses her thoughts on how awesome will it be for people from other countries to wear this miniature food as accessories.


Whether it’s mooncake season or not, this pair of quarter mooncake earring is one thing you must have in your accessory collection. It comes with two options: clip-on earrings or studs.



This is Ling’s version of the Japanese fish-shaped cake, Taiyaki. Made with precise detail, you can be sure it is too good to be eaten (wearing).



You may either love it or hate it and there is no in-between. However, for all durian enthusiasts, you can now make a fashion statement. Show your love for durian and flaunt this accessory with your head held high.

Get these durian design from cufflinks, brooch pin, magnet box or the classic earrings.

Siew Yoke

Untitled design - 2020-01-14T170133.146When it comes to pork, there are many varieties of how you would like it to be cooked. But in this case, all siew yoke lovers or also known as roast pork, can finally settle down and appreciate their love for the meat by flaunting it with their outfit.

It being haram to eat for some, be certain that it is actually halal to touch. This pair of earrings could be a perfect addition to your craziest collection of accessories and you can wear them whenever you have a craving for it.

But please note that these earrings are inedible 🤪

Ang Ku Kuih


Ling doesn’t stop her creations at just earrings, whereas she actually has a wide choice for her funky designs. You can find them in the form of bracelets, rings, cufflinks, key chains, fridge magnets and so on. This tortoiseshell kuih is absolutely cute and brings back a lot of childhood memories. For the unfamiliar, this kuih is usually used for prayers in the Chinese household and festive seasons but can be eaten whenever actually.

To look at more of her designs, you can check it out on her Instagram.

Kelly Lee 

Then we have the 24 years old Penangite who did her diploma in Fashion Designing in Equator College, Kelly Lee. After finishes her studies in college, she participated in Air Asia’s Runway Ready Designer Search in 2018 where she became the finalist for the competition. As that happened, Kelly decided to start her own brand bu selling Malaysian food-themed earrings. Her creations vary from the ultimate favourite, Nasi Lemak and Ikan Tepi Kopi.

Currently, the miniature artist is a freelance fashion designer who has made her name through her own brand, Leeks.

Nasi Lemak


As a Malaysian, whenever you travel and meet new people along the way, the basic question you tend to get is about the national dish of our nation. And that is where Nasi Lemak comes to mind. With its rich fragrance of the santan rice to the spiciness of the sambal and the crunchiness of the anchovies and peanuts, it is no doubt this dish held a number one place in most Malaysians’ hearts.

That said, it is has become a crowd favourite.

Air Ikat Tepi

Untitled design - 2020-01-14T174350.741Only found in Malaysia, you can get your beverage of choice to-go in a plastic packet with a nylon string tied on the side. This Ikat Tepi has been a favourite among many and is quite unique to have it hung as an earring.



In accordance with Chinese New Year, Kelly specially designed some cute pineapples for the occasion’s collection. The pineapple fruit to the Chinese means Huat! that symbolises prosperity. So what can be better than hanging a pineapple from your ears besides giving you and the people around you blessings for a prosperous new year.

Kuih Kapit & Peanut Cookie

Untitled design (3)

The next one will be the cookies served during the festive season, which varies from peanut cookie to kuih kapit. Instead of just eating them, you can now flaunt them with pride and joy as part of your look.

Childhood Firecrackers


These childhood games have been so popular back in our childhood days. And we meant it to be hinted to all the 90s kids. Hopefully with this design, you won’t mistake your earring for an actual Pop Pop unless you still enjoy those.

Bubble Tea


Of course, the bubble tea trend is hitting the market like crazy recently and we don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. That said, her collection of these irresistible pearl milk teas (it looks like one at least) looks too good that makes you crave for an actual bubble tea.

To purchase and to check more of Kelly designs, you can check out her Instagram page.

Images via @hooiyin @tinypinc @kelly_lee24s 

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