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Say goodbye to ordinary tortilla chips and make way for the all-new corn strips

by Andrea Tay

Known for its triangular-shaped tortilla chips, Mission Foods Malaysia has launched an all-new take of tortilla chips in rectangular strips. It’s not just easier to nibble on but it will intensify your experience with their three new flavours.

Szechuan Mala Seafood Corn Strips

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To Mala hotpot lovers, you are definitely in for a treat as Mission Foods are here to open up your appetite to one of the raging flavours of all time. This time, they are giving you the Szechuan Spicy Seafood Corn Strips that are made from their Picante combination of hot Szechuan peppercorns, chilli pepper, seafood and fiery mix of other spices. Although these strips will numb your tongue, it is no doubt that it will make you addicted.

Tom Yum Corn StripsUntitled design (1)

For your obsession with Thai cuisine, Mission Foods would be giving you a combination of sweet, sour, salty and spicy taste bud journey into the seafood cooked in hot chilli peppers, kaffir lime, galangal, lime juice and fish sauce. And it sure would fix your long lost cravings of the authentic Thai Tom Yum soup.

Peri-Peri Corn Strips

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If you’re longing for some good ol’ Peri-Peri sauce, you can now be able to have it with the tortilla corn strips. Mission Foods is bringing you, foodies, into a whole new level of sensory experience. You can endeavour into the whir of citrus and lime, and smokiness leaving you to a desire for more.

New Year, New Shape, Same Old Crunchy Taste

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Even though Mission Foods has changed its actual tortilla chips’ shape into strips form. These new corn strips will still be retaining their signature light yet crunchy texture with 30% less oil and made 100% from corn. In addition to that, Mission Foods is proud to present its products free from preservatives and artificial colours.

Join the #RipStripSkiptheDip campaign with local hip-hop artists

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With its crunch like music to the ears, Mission Foods is pleased to launch their #RipStripSkiptheDip campaign alongside Sophia Liana (from De Fam), Juzzthin and Loca Batch.

At the launch, the three rappers took the stage by spitting a few bars about each flavour.

It started off with Sophia from De Fam as she rapped about the Szechuan Spice flavoured Corn Strips.

Spicy Szechuan gon’ turn the heat up with the media. When I got it you guys be like “Better call Sophia.” Put your taste buds on a joyride. So tasty, it makes your mouth open wide. The combination of both might just trigger your pulse.

While actor turn rap star, Juzzthin rapped about the Peri-Peri flavour.

It’s a hot thing, in the making. Legendary. What we talkin’ bout here, Peri-Peri. Your tongue gets reborn soon as you taste the corn. It just gets better for the soul food we on.

Loca B concluded the rap battle on the Tom Yum flavour.

Tom Yum Brings That Hear, And It’s Spicin’ Up This Neat. My Mama Getting Mad-Lotsa Chips in One Receipt!

Image credit via @walauwei @zacharyyeoh @euniceeunny @missionfoods.my 

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