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9 underrated online stores you wish you knew about

by Grace Sundram

After a while, going to the mall and shopping feels a little mundane and it doesn’t feel as exciting as it should be. Instead, we get exhausted with the overwhelming crowd and the heat. With the hype of social media, millennials are getting more independent by taking a risk to open up an online boutique. That said, why go through the same old kind of stores to shop for an outfit, a gift or even dishware when you can get everything online. It’s not just convenient but it is also trendy and pleasing to the eye. Bonus point: does not burn a hole in your pocket too.

That said, we got you covered on this month’s issue of underrated Instagram boutiques.



ARIMEE is a local online store that was launched back in 2011 with the thought of sharing their love of fashion and trendy style to everyone. This boutique strives to provide a perfectly coveted wardrobe with an eclectic range of modern chic apparel and accessories.



Founded in 2009, Happy2U offers a wide variety of shoes, bag, shades and so on. It’s an online boutique that sells comfortable, trendy-looking shoes that are worth every penny. With new arrivals each day, there’s plenty of designs to choose from.

Getaway Shopaholic


If you are someone who cares for the aesthetics then we reckon you to check Getaway Shopaholic out. Popular for its novelty gifts, stationery, décor, accessories (beauty & tech), it is the perfect online gift store to shop at if you’re planning to spice up your life or that someone special. You can rest assure that the designs are absolutely cute and trendy and will certainly capture your attention.

Beglah Co


For a woman, when it comes to handbags, there can never be enough. You can now complete your handbag collection with Beglah Co. Their bags are absolutely trendy and what makes it more special is that every collection is named after a person’s name. For instance, there are bags called Rachel, Farah, Grace and so on. Why get a basic bag without meaning when you can have one that is named after you? Each design comes with multiple colour options so that you will always have a matching bag to complement your outfit.

Fash Grace


These button-down, long fairy dresses could be a trend you would want to consider. If you aren’t into showing legs or have not owned any long dresses before, then you should try out Fash Grace’s dresses. It’s not only inspired by K-fashion but it’s also suitable for our tropical weather. The dresses aren’t so thick but not so see-through either, providing girls with ideal dresses for every occasion.



This Malaysian brand was founded by Evelyn Marieta, a nutritionist turned bath scientist. She wanted to own lip balms that come in vibrant colours however she could not find any. As she experimented during her free time, she successfully created both cosmetics and bath products.  Just like its name, you can be sure to have an extraordinary bath experience. Be sure to try their body butter, essential oils, candles and so on.


If you’re someone who is into skincare, then you would love the SKIN brand. The packaging is aesthetically pleasing with its cute pink tubes and jars. Besides their sugar lip scrub, you should get your hands on their Rose Hip Oil as it contains a high level of antioxidants to protect and rejuvenates the skin. Whereas for your hair, the Natural Hair Elixir helps to stimulate hair growth as well to remove the frizziness of the hair.


Untitled design (4)

You will come to find that Aqmarithm isn’t only known for their amazing ring collection but they also have a huge selection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even 90s hairpins. So instead of figuring what accessories to put in your shopping basket, just scroll through their Instagram feed. To order, all you got to do is take a screenshot of the accessory of your choice and drop them a text. Bonus point: all of their pieces start from RM 8 only!

Aesthetiq Co


Do you need a reason to splurge on some marble plates so that your dishware collection looks hip enough for a millennial? Well then, Aesthetiq.co is the right online store to shop at. Just like when you were kids and you were into stationeries, splurging on plates, glasses and mugs are the stationeries needed for adulthood. It won’t just make you feel pleased by looking at your plates but it will also impress your neighbours, friends and family. It’s like the IKEA but for plates, mugs and everything dishware.


feature (1)

When it comes to fitness apparel, there is just no in-between because you got to have it all. PVOU stands for Positive Version of U and with that said, you don’t have to be self-conscious when you’re at the gym no more. It doesn’t just look appealing to the eye but it’s also comfortable to wear. Plus, it’s sweat absorbent so you don’t have to worry about anything at all. Some of their best sellers consist of the Heart Booty Tights, Erky Biker Shorts and Halter CC Sports Bra & Top.

Images via respected brands

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