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This is Merrie Tew’s London & China travel guide

by Grace Sundram

London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom which is famous for many things. Especially when it comes to modern and old tourists destinations. Some of the famous sights to visit at this 21st-century city is the iconic ‘Big Ben’ clock tower and Westminster Abbey. Whereas the London Eye wheel across the Thames River offers panoramic views of the cultural centre of South Bank and the entire city.

London Eye


The Coca-Cola London Eye is prominently located in the heart of the capital, moving graciously across the Thames River between the Parliament House and Big Ben. Being the tallest cantilevered observation wheel, it reaches the height of 135 metres becoming the iconic symbol of London. What to expect when you’re up there is that you can witness a beautiful 360-degree view of the whole capital along with its famous landmarks. When it comes to London, it is a must-see destination.

Tower Bridge


Initially, it was designed to help lessen the traffic on the road whilst maintaining access to the River Thames. Although it would be a much more ideal plan if it was a traditional fixed bridge instead, however, it could not be built without cutting access for tall ships. One thing besides taking lots of photos for Instagram, you can go up to the bridge as it has a glass floor. Wouldn’t recommend it to anyone that is afraid of heights, but then again — if you want to step out of your comfort zone, then we reckon, why not.

Coppa Club


The Coppa Club has got to be one of the popular spots in London to be at during the Winter season. It is located in between The Shard on the Tower of London side of the river and the Tower Bridge. Something you could look forward to during the winter season is the igloos that are set up at the club based on a woodland theme. To complete the whole vibe, it comes with cosy recycled wool blankets, cruelty-free sheepskin rugs, sporting candles as well as evergreen trees.


But just a pro-tip though, if you would like to visit this place — do make a reservation a month in advance so that you can secure your spot.

Notting Hill


When someone mentions Notting Hill, the first thing that comes to mind is the Julia Roberts film — such an iconic film till this day. Just like the film, you would come to find that Notting Hill is actually a very trendy area with plenty of cafes along Portobello Road. It is known for their annual Notting Hill Carnival, one of the most top outdoor street festivals with parades and music.


There’s also a busy market that is famous for selling vintage fashion and antiques.

Piccadilly Circus


This road junction and space of London’s West End in the City of Westminster was built in 1819. Called the Piccadilly Circus, it is connected to Regent Street. The term circus came by from the Latin word, ‘circle’ representing the round open space at the junction. Famous for its road intersections, it is also well-known because of the architecture surrounding the area. To name a few, you could check out is the Theatre District, Leicester Square, Piccadilly Lights and so on.

Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden


This place is a small alley located in London’s Covent Garden between Monmouth Street and Short Gardens. Fun fact, this colourful area is actually named after the developer from the 17th century, Thomas Neale.

Bicester Village


This shopping centre is located on the outskirts of Bicester at a town called Oxfordshire. It was first opened back in 1995 offering many luxurious goods and one of the most popular destinations in England.

Gulangyu Island


This pedestrian-only island is located off the coast of Xiamen, Fujian Province. Covering only 2km of space, the Gulangyu Island is now preserved as one of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritge Site.


To get here, it will roughly take around 8-minutes by ferry from downtown Xiamen.

Jinjiang Wu Dian Shi


This is a county-level city that is located at the southeastern part of Fujian Province. Across from the Quanzhou’s urban district, it is on the right or south bank of the Jin River. It being a coastal city, some of the most popular sights to be seen is the Shenhu Bay Ancient Forest Nature Reserve, historic interests like Shilang Museum and Zhenhai Palace, Zimau Mountain and the Anping Bridge.

Fuzhou Shi San Fang Qi Xiang


Basically translated as Three Lanes and Seven Alleys, Sanfangqi Alley Tourist Center. It consists of three lanes that are called Yijin Lane, Wenru Lane and Guanglu Lane whereas for the seven alleys, Yangqiao Alley, Langguan Alley, Ta Alley, Huang Alley, Anmin Alley, Gong Alley and Jibi Alley.

Xiamen Zeng Cuo An5

If you would like to experience a real outdoor shopping experience, then Zeng Cuo An Village is the correct spot. It might take you some time to walk around and see what the place has got to offer. Known as a fishing settlement previously, some of the things you would come to find are fish, other kinds of fresh food, clothes, souvenirs and textiles. Whereas there also many cafes surrounding the area, so even if you are tired after the long walk — rest assure, you’ll be able to grab whatever treat along the way.

Tong An Ying Shi Cheng


Located at the northern part of Xiamen Island, the Tong’an Tourist Area faces the sea in the southeast. Some of the famous spots that always visited by tourists are the Tian’anmen Gate Tower, Prince Hall and Great Wall.  Although there are not many scenic points, it is still a place that is considered classy and elegant with a strong sense of history. Taking a replica form of the Forbidden City in Beijing, this tourist destination is an entertainment city that takes you back to the Ming and Qing dynasty days.

Quanzhou Shi Xi Jie


Known for the famous Dehua Porcelain, Tieguanyin Tea and Huian Stone Carvings — Quanzhou is a place with many cultural and historical sites. If you are one with history, then this is the place you should visit. Besides its historical landmarks, Quanzhou also has plenty of natural beauties including Mt. Qingyuan, Mt. Zimao, Mt. Xiangong, Mt. Lingxiu and Mt. Penglai.

Merrie Tew is a passionate globetrotter that loves visiting popular destinations whilst sharing her journey with everyone, check her out at @merrie_22.

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