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M’sian talents who are here to prove their haters wrong

by Andrea Tay

Bullying is an activity that brings harm to others, either by intimidating or coercing them. Especially in Malaysia, we have plenty of cases concerning physical bullying, mental bullying, body shaming as well as cyberbullying. This matter should be prevented at all costs because it may result in the victims to be traumatised and scarred for life. As a nation, we shouldn’t let this matter slide away but instead face it with a solution. That said, we are here to cover some of the few significant figures we know that have faced bullying and have proved their haters wrong.

Jenn Chia1

Widely known as SoImJenn or Aunty Siow from Instagram, Jenn Chia was a victim of a bully when she was still in high school as she was a newbie. With the idea of mingling around to make friends, others assumed the worst of her by calling her names. She would usually run to the toilet and hide, just to avoid the stares people make. That said, her teacher found out and allowed her to study from instead for SPM.

Despite her darkest high school days, she has highly risen up from that and became the person no one thought she could be. Like the saying, I am who I am because of it and in her case, it is quite true. Started from being a singer-songwriter on YouTube, she was given an opportunity to be a host on 8TV Quickie where she slowly built a fan base. And from there, the name SoImJenn blew up because of her quirky and funny persona which has landed her a place in everyone’s heart.

Lisa Surihani


Lisa Surihani has smitten the hearts of Malaysians with her sweet, gentle looks on and off-screen. Education-wise, she obtained a law degree at Help University College and Aberystwyth University in Wales, United Kingdom. But what you didn’t know is that Lisa used to be bullied when she was in kindergarten. Her classmates would usually kick her on the legs so hard till it would leave a mark. She was also picked on for having to wear specs and for having a smaller bag compared to the rest. But the worst one of all was when the project she worked on with her father got trampled on and thrown in the garbage bin. With all that in mind, as she grew, she decided not to let the bullies win and by standing up for herself. Lisa grew to be the wisest woman and the most caring mother to her children whilst juggling her career as a famous actress, television host and model.

Dr Jezamine Lim


For the unfamiliar, Dr Jezamine Lim is the very embodiment of the modern-day multitasker woman. With a PhD in stem cells, she is the first woman to have received it in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). Not just a medical doctor, she is also known to be a runway, commercial model as well as the managing director of Harith Iskander Productions that was founded by her husband, Harith Iskander. Back in her younger days, this beauty was bullied and been called names back in school for having darker skin. It was absolutely horrifying to go through it all as she was often self-conscious about herself. However, in spite of all that, her journey has led her into someone who is much stronger and has become the very embodiment of the modern-day women. 

Arwind Kumar


He was called out in class for not behaving like everyone else. Arwind Kumar was judged for being less manlier compared to others and got called names that were inappropriate. The boys in his school were also mad at him because he would be friends with the girls more often than not, that turned out to be their girlfriends. He revealed that he began having suicidal thoughts with the constant bullying he faced however he grew strong and managed to overcome the fear of bullies. Famous for his snarky entertaining comments and character, Mak Cik Rosmah, Arwind Kumar has a loyal fan base that stands strong with him and his opinions on the matter.

Jin Lim


You might have heard him on the radio before or might have seen him in short films on YouTube. Jin Lim, more likely known as Jinny Boy is now managing his own brand whilst creating content online for many to watch. However, prior to all that, Jin faced bullies back in high school and it wasn’t a good memory at all. He would get threats from others and got slapped once by a bully. Though instead of backing down, he told both his brother and mother about the situation and they had it solved. Aside from that, Jin has grown to be a household name that everyone now loves.

Whatever they have gone through is basically proof that it isn’t wrong to stand up for what is right and for yourself. Because the best way to fight a bully is never by violence but with the act of kindness.

As Cinderella said, have courage and be kind.

Images via @soimjenn, @lisasurihani, @drjezaminelim, @aforarwind & @jinnyboy

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