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These mid-length hairstyles will rock your look this 2020

by Andrea Tay

With 2019 gone and 2020 finally here, you can’t deny that you are wishing for some new changes in life. One of the ways of making this year different than the rest is by starting the year off with the right hairdo. Fret not, as this mid-length hairstyle is perfect for all face shapes.

Leave it as normal as it can be


If you are someone with soft, straight hair, then we suggest you leave it as it is. This natural hair look is not only suitable for most face shapes but it also brings out the classiness out. With the hair falling naturally on your shoulders, this style is simple yet elegant. Plus, you won’t have to wake up early to do your hair as a simple brush through would do.

Voluminise your hair to give it more depth


For those of you who have a minimum volume of hair, you can try to puff out your hair by curling it. Not only will it volumise your fine, straight hair but it will also elevate your look. This style also provides an elegant look to those who want to look not so young from their age. If you want to appear as someone mysterious, then this hairstyle will be the one for you. Bonus point: curly hair can rock any colour.

Be safe with the right shade of brown


To those who always wanted to be a brunette, then this is the style for you. One of the safest colours which is suitable for most types of skin tone will be the brown dye. Though you can choose from a variety of brown shade, we reckon a lighter shade will look much more prominent. There is plenty of shade of browns from a caramel brown, sparkling amber brown, chestnut brown to the french roast brown.

Vibrant colours to spice up your life 


Although being a brunette is a much safer alternative to colouring your hair — as for the adventurous, you can opt for a much vibrant looking hair colour. One thing good about this is that you’ll be able to spice up your monotonous daily life with a touch of colour. Plus if you want heads turning around as you walk in the room, this is your chance.

Rainbow hair to bring unicorns back to life


Last but not least, if you just can’t decide on what colour to go for — we say, go for it all! The rainbow hair trend hasn’t died yet and even if it has, it doesn’t matter. Just get up and go to your favourite salon near you and get it all coloured.

Life is about taking on to new challenge, right?  Try these hairstyles to make a new you this new year.

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