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5 reasons why you should shop at the all-new F&N online flagship store

by Andrea Tay

F&N, by the name itself, is something which will not be foreign in any household in Malaysia. From all kind of beverages  — you name it, they have it. F&N has proved itself as a trustworthy brand. In commemorating with the advancement of technologies and the widespread use of smartphones users, F&N has launched its first-ever e-commerce store whereby you can just shop your all-time favourites with your phone. With that said, these are the reasons why we think you should check their e-store out.

Pure enjoyment, pure goodness and now, pure convenience

You no longer have to visit the hypermarket during the high-peak season just to buy your favourite beverages. Forget about the long queue, you can now save up time and money by shopping from F&N Life. With just one click, you can have your order delivered right to your doorstep. There’s no more need of going through the hassle of carrying heavy cartons of drinks into your car and manoeuvring your way through the crazy crowd.

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A new recipe to discover 

F&N Life is more than just an e-store, as it is a platform to engage with its users. Besides purchasing your favourite products from their e-store, there is a Try This! section on their website that offers insightful and easy recipes for you to make at home. F&N wants its users to be inspired and to whip up some really good, mouth-watering dishes. The latest recipes featured are made with the all-new Ice Mountain Sparkling Water to create a refreshing mocktail during the sunny days.

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Be a member to be the first to receive exciting rewards and news 

F&N Life

By just simply signing up using your email or Facebook account to be a member, you will be notified about the exciting rewards and news firsthand. The online store will act as a communication channel together with its users, as you could use it as a bridge of transmission as well.

5 Ringgit Cashback and 5% discount


To celebrate the launch of their first online flagship store, you will receive five per cent off all purchases made from the e-commerce site or mobile app. Also, the fun doesn’t just end there — on top of the discount, you can also enjoy free delivery services within Peninsular Malaysia throughout the whole of January and February. By partnering with the largest e-Wallet payment provider, Touch ‘n Go eWallet —  you will get RM5 cashback for every RM50 in a single receipt by purchasing the products via their e-commerce site. The promotion is ongoing until the 29th of February, so it’s time to snag some beverages stat.

To come up with a workout regimen 


According to F&N Marketing Director, Graham Lim, F&N Life might come up with a health programme in the future to assist its users to live a healthier lifestyle. It might also have a feature which will allow you to book badminton and futsal centres for training. With this, F&N aims to make sure that its users are able to maintain their health while growing along with F&N. 

So, what are you waiting for? Click your way through F&N Life now! 

Image credit via @foodmsia.com @fnlife, @ dazzling_pod, @oo_foodielicious and @nadzmiadhwa

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