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You can now change your life with positivity by meditating

by Andrea Tay

In this fast pacing world where efficiency is what we chase after, it is difficult to deny that we all are in a stressful, tense state of mind. We get frustrated and agitated over little things in life. We may get up from the wrong side of the bed, but who’s to determine or put a confirmation that the day will end badly. 

One may hate their job but there is a way of making the best out of it. There is a saying in regards to it — a good seedling or a bad one really depends on what is being fed to it.

Although it may seem easier said than done, it is even harder to do so when you are under so much stress and tension.

Therefore, this is where meditation helps.

What is meditation?

Meditation is an activity which allows us to be much more aware of our own mind. Somewhere in between of the process, one will be able to discover their deepest thoughts which they have yet to pay attention to.

In a way, meditating helps with coping or settling with our emotions. Like always, we are in a rush in our working field until there is no chance of us to focus on just one thing at one time. Expected to manage many tasks in one go, the individual might have a higher risk of making an error when their attention gets divided.

Meditation helps to calm the mind

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So what is so important about this meditation when you will still need to rush through deadlines?

When people meditate, they will be in control of their own emotions. They are aware of it when this emotion arises within them. In relation to this, our emotions will not get out of hand when we are being triggered. As to how it is mentioned also in Psychology Today, meditation can be helpful in dealing with negative emotions. Another much more solidified proof is regarding a study done by Sauer and Baer in 2012, whereby people who have undergone meditation show a much lower level of anger.

Getting rid of anger isn’t the answer as it is much better to acknowledge it. You can’t just switch it off like a switch. Instead, you can make use of the emotions and turn it into something beneficial through a blog or journal.

Most of the famous authors who wrote impactful books are the ones who let their emotions live within them. As they express their emotions through words, readers are able to relate.

Our thoughts like the current wave.

Meditation also encourages us to live in a present state of mind. When we sit and close our eyes, we are fully conscious of our surroundings. We know that air is breathing in and out of our nostrils. We come to observe the sensations of our body. Our body and mind can finally come to a place as one. That is when you will be at ease and peace. Because all the thoughts like the strong current wave at the sea are now calmer. But do know that this state of calmness is temporary. Though the storm may come, instead of shutting out — just face it, accept it, resolve it and let go. By practising these four steps, it would be easier to overcome the problems in life with less negativity.

Image credit: mindful.org moneti/Adobe Stock

Image credit: mindful.org moneti/Adobe Stock

Meditation is as easy as putting yourself in the present state of mind. You can even do it when you are working. By practising a simple breathing technique, you can instantly feel calm and collected.

Don’t forget the best present is the present. 

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