Home Highlight Get to know the founders of the homegrown noodle shop, Noodle Shack

Get to know the founders of the homegrown noodle shop, Noodle Shack

by Grace Sundram
Get to know the founders of the homegrown noodle shop, Noodle Shack

Noodle Shack’s traditional food traces its roots from the Hakka People, who brought their food over to Malaysia centuries ago. We had an opportunity to sit down for a meal with the people behind the restaurant that has made leaps in the F&B industry.

8Joseph Sun started his culinary journey overseas, trying to create a taste of food that was cooked by his mother, all the way across the globe. He then started his F&B journey at a Japanese Restaurant that was owned by his friend. After three years of learning his craft, he joined together with his wife and business partner, Natalie Ng by opening Noodle Shack in 2009.

3With the goal of bringing traditional homemade Chinese food to the people, they have mastered the art of serving Mian Fen Guo, or more commonly known as Pan Mee, together with a vast array of other dishes that draw its roots from home.


The design of the restaurants displays a traditional feel, however, over the years Joseph and Natalie have incorporated their own personal touch to the individual items that are used to serve their dishes. Utensils from the teacup to the bowls that are served, all have a personal feel that aims to bring convenience to the patrons.


The food served to have a traditional taste. From the classic Traditional Hand Torn Noodles, served wonderfully with the Stuffed Bean Curd Roll with Bean Paste Sauce, to the unique desserts like the Osmanthus & Goji Jello; all have special ingredients are fresh and have nutritious value.

Noodle Shack

One of the most authentic parts of Noodle Shack is the preparation of food without any use of MSG, additives, and preservatives, just like how their family has cooked for them over the years. Plus, Noodle Shack serves up complete meals pork-free, allowing patrons of all backgrounds to have a bite of their meals.


With an ever-evolving menu, Noodle Shack introduces a new Noodle Dish, Side Dish, and Drink every quarter of the year. They also do an update of the menu every 12-18 months to give their patrons an evolving taste as they visit the restaurant. A central kitchen located in Sri Kembangan allows them to replicate the constant quality of the food and taste through all their outlets.


“Blessed” was the word used by Joseph and Natalie when describing the success that has followed them through the years. Now with three outlets from the original IPC, Avenue K, and One Utama; Noodle Shack has methodically planned to bring a taste and feel that will leave you with a memory of home as you take the time out of the hustle and bustle of the day to have a light-hearted meal.

Lastly, we leave you with some sound advice from the years of experience gathered by Joseph and Natalie towards those looking into the F&B industry:

Without the passion to provide good food and service, there are simply too many obstacles to overcome in this industry. It isn’t the big obstacles that get to you, but the small obstacles that come along every day that will be taxing on those that leave many feeling like there is no rest. So test out your passion, it can be something as simple as working for someone else for 6 months. Once you have been in the industry, that’s when you will know if this is what you are passionate about.

So next time you are in any of the three malls rushing through your ever busy day. Have a seat and be reminded of how wonderful it is to have the taste of great healthy food that will bring you back to the old days and leave you with a nostalgic feeling of home.

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