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These Korean make-up brands will leave you feeling GWIYEOBDA

by Grace Sundram
These Korean make-up brands will leave you feeling GWIYEOBDA

It is no secret that we, Malaysians have taken a huge interest in Korea and its culture. It is all said and done due to the cultural wave that was created mostly by Korean dramas and K-pop idols. Today, you can find everything Korean in Malaysia and honestly, we would like more!

BBIA and EGLIPS have officially launched in all Watsons Malaysia stores and it is quite reasonable in price. These products were created to enhance women’s feature in the most stunning way possible. Providing a vast array of fun and trendy makeups, it allows everyone to experiment different looks with their excellent colour choices.

BBIA Last Lipstick Series (Red 1-4)

BBIA and EGLPSThe packaging comes in a beautiful matte case, making it look expensive and classy.

Unlike other matte lipsticks that leave your lips dry, the BBIA Last Lipstick Series is richly pigmented with a creamy finish which is what every make-up lover is looking for.

There are four different series to this and it all comes with different packagings, each with five swatches.

BBIA Last Velvet Lip Tint (The Pink Cinema Series)

BBIA and EGLPS (3)This high-quality luxury lip tint is so true to its name because of its amazing velvet mousse texture that is lightweight on the lips. With long-lasting coverage, it does not fade easily and requires minimal touch-ups. It isn’t a liquid lip tint but more of a matte liquid lipstick.

The product goes perfectly smooth on the lips and has a velvety finish. Altogether, there are 6 series and The Pink Cinema is the latest edition of the product.

BBIA Lip Ink Tattoo (Blood Series 2)

4This liquid lip colour leaves a lightweight stain on your lips making it ultra-comfortable to wear. It could dry down much faster than the other lip products however one just can’t resist the shades, though.

On the bright side, it is long-lasting and leaves behind a nice strong tint when it is rubbed off.

The product comes in two series with five swatches each, and the latest one is called the Blood Series 2.

BBIA Cashmere Shadow

5Each of the BBIA Cashmere Shadow comes in a quite nice little tub with a clear lid that shows you exactly what colour you’re picking out.

There are five shades in each series and the finish range is from soft to glossy via luminous glow and cashmere effects.

Though in our opinion, certain shades aren’t as pigmented and you would have to apply more than once to get that perfect eye look.

BBIA Jewel Shadow

6A glitter-packed eyeshadow with bold pigment and maximum sparkle in ten eye-catching shades. This glitter-finish eyeshadow adds super-shimmering dimension to any look.

The versatile formula can be packed on for intense glitter or blended for a soft wash of sparkle. It’s high-impact dazzle with a smooth glide and bold colour.

Complete every outfit with a touch of glitter in your choice of ten sparkling shades.

EGLIPS Cheek Fit Blusher7

EGLIPS Cheek Fit Blusher is a sheer, buildable, and silky-smooth cheek colour that blends seamlessly with skin for the most natural, fresh look. It is slightly less pigmented, however, in a way it does allow you to adjust the intensity as needed rather than applying too much at once.

The shades like watercolours range from soft neutrals to vivid pops of colour, with finishes ranging from matte to a subtle sheen with hidden pearl.

EGLIPS Oil Cut Sebum8

Eglips Oil Cut Sebum Powder is a setting powder that blurs the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles for an airbrushed finish. The innovative sifter and custom cap allow for the perfect amount of product to be dispensed.

This translucent powder, formulated without talc, leaves a super smooth finish and is perfect for a variety of skin tones.

EGLIPS Muse In Velvet Lipstick9This is a creamy lipstick with a soft cushiony feel, medium-to-full buildable coverage and features an inherently beautiful velvet finish. It comes in a slim, compact lipstick component for easy travel. Just pair with another product for added dimension or as a tinted base.

Its non-drying formula is enriched with vitamin E and emollients for a creamy texture, while a blend of unique silicones that ensures long-lasting, seamless colour for hours.

EGLIPS Velvet Fit Tint10The Velvet Fit Tint has a kiss-proof and non-transferring formula while feeling weightless and comfortable as if the lips are bare. It is a buildable, waterproof lip colour but instead of a velvety finish, it has a more whipped cream-like texture.

It’s not so bad considering it is much easier to blend and to get a more gradient lip look. Although the product is quite lightweight on the lips, a pro tip would be to apply a lip balm beforehand.

EGLIPS Matte Fit Lip Lacquer12

A sleek sophisticated lip colour where gorgeous shades of red collide with pristine velvet matte in a rich and creamy formula. It elevates liquid lipsticks with decadent, transfer-resistant, soft-matte formula. Pigment-maximizing technology envelops concentrated pigments in ultra-cushion-like emollients, creating a smooth, second-skin film on lips. This formula provides intense, saturated, long-wearing colour.

EGLIPS Lively Liquid Glitter Shadow11The liquid glitter shadow comes in a cylindrical-shaped casing with a luxurious gold-toned cap. Quite sheer but it is buildable, long-lasting and dries quickly to prevent creasing. The EGLIPS Lively Liquid Glitter Shadow comes with over eight shades in the collection,  perfect for each day.

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