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A Cleaner Home Now With Samsung POWERstick Jet

by Natasha Christopher

Keeping a home clean has its undoubted benefits. Yet, many of us often forego this daunting task until it’s too late – which is when the home has reached unhealthy levels of dirt and mess. Why is that? We said it earlier. Cleaning isn’t usually easy as the conventional tools we use are often inconvenient – conventional vacuum cleaners are usually quite heavy and need to be plugged in all the time, mops need their partnering bucket that’s at least half-full of water, and all wall and ceiling fans need to be turned off when you’re sweeping the floor with a traditional broom and dustpan.

Here is where the Samsung POWERstick Jet™ comes in. Its revolutionary lightweight build, ergonomic design, and innovative features were meticulously put together to keep a home clean as efficiently as possible. As Samsung believes in providing the best life its consumers can lead through innovative technology, the POWERstick Jet™ was designed to eliminate the hassle of keeping a home spotless and by extension, maintaining an organised home and lifestyle overall.
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So, why is the POWERstick Jet™ the perfect companion, partner-in-crime for every person who wants to live in a spotless home? Read on!

No Dirt, No Dust Will Escape The POWERstick Jet™’s Jet Cyclone
Did you know that an uncleaned home, overwhelmed in dust and dirt, actually exposes you to the severe dangers of indoor air pollution? Dust mites, pet fur, and mold under your roof expose you and your family to allergies, asthma attacks, and potentially even pneumonia. This would be a nightmare, especially if young children are around.
The POWERstick Jet™ was engineered to optimize airflow and clean at the highest levels, ensuring that dust and dirt at all corners and crevices of your home are eliminated. Got dirt trapped in your carpets? Rubbish hiding at difficult-to-reach areas of the home? The POWERstick Jet™ has it all covered with its Jet Cyclone system that features a suction power of up to 200W and a 180-degree swivel head that lets it move in difficult angles, allowing you to clean every corner.

It’s All about Convenience & Keeping Order
Visual clutter almost always leads to mental clutter. It’s been proven that messier homes lead to higher levels of stress, and that is why keeping all parts of your home neat and tidy is vital in keeping your mind healthy.

Samsung had this in mind and designed the POWERstick Jet™ to come with its very own Z Station. Simply put, it is a seven-degree slanted “parking spot” which also acts as a charger for the portable vacuum. Moreover, its standalone, slim design allows you to place it anywhere in your home while looking pretty sleek and neat at the same time
without the needs of drilling walls or mounting.

That aside, when you think of your usual conventional vacuum cleaner, how much would you imagine it weighs? The answer – heavy. This very reason may play a role in deterring people from regularly cleaning their homes, but this is where the Samsung POWERstick Jet comes in to save the day. Its lightweight body weighs just 2.7kg, which means back-breaking cleaning sessions are no more!

Your 2-in-1, All-Round Home Cleaner 

What’s the one thing that separates a great product from other great products? Multi-functions.

The POWERstick Jet comes packaged with a Soft Action Brush, allowing you to pick up fine dust on hard floors and in crevices with anti-silver threads and you can easily maintain the brush with a one-click button. You can also change to Turbo Action Brush that is powerful in pick up fine particles in the carpets and the hard floor. It spins around 3750 times a minute, ensuring vacuuming of the highest performance.

However, maintain a clean home doesn’t just mean keeping it dust-free. It’s also essential to keep your home squeaky and shiny, so that bacteria and germs don’t have chance to spread. Samsung designed the Spinning Sweeper attachment, consumers can use reusable microfiber mop pads or even disposable wet cloths, making mopping the floor simpler.
The best part? It works for up to 80 minutes, which is plenty of time for you to hit all corners of your home’s floors!

The time to raise your standard of living starts now. A revolutionary vacuum leads to a clean home, which stimulates a healthier body, mind, and lifestyle. It’s that simple. Head over to your nearest Samsung Experience Store, pick your new POWERstick Jet™ up, and begin your new and better life today!

The Samsung POWERstick Jet™ is available in several purchase options depending on your needs and what suits you best, at RM3,599, RM2,899, and RM2,699 respectively.

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