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Carousell Did A Survey and Found Out 9 of 10 Malaysians Prefer Secondhand Gifts

by Natasha Christopher

Secondhand gift sometimes are considered as to no effort being put to surprise your loved ones and lazy. But Carousell’s Power of Secondhand gifts survey reveals that secondhand items are actually, well-received. The results revealed that secondhand gifts are actually A-OK with nine out of 10 Malaysians, and could well be an option to manage affordable and eco-friendly gift-giving. (Saves you money too!).

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The Carousell’s Power of Secondhand Gifts survey was conducted online in November 2019 with 2,419 respondents in Malaysia.

Overall, it appears that the idea of secondhand gifts is becoming increasingly acceptable – 88.9 percent said they’d be happy to receive a secondhand gift, while 84.8 percent said they preferred a secondhand item they’d always wanted rather than a brand-new item they didn’t care for.

Two-thirds of the respondents named value-for-money as the top incentive, as they are able to find quality items from good brands at an affordable price. More than half it’s a good cost-saving alternative, and also a great way to track down rare items.
Infographics_Carousell Power of Secondhand Gifts_Final
In addition to the thrill of finding a good bargain or a long-awaited rarity to complete a collection, 33 percent of the respondents also see it as a more sustainable and convenient way to shop, with many agreeing that it helps to reduce waste.

Here are some of the top picks for secondhand buys from the survey results:

  • antique and vintage items, 57.2%
  • collectibles, 39.4%
  • clothing, 33%
  • mobile or electronic appliances, 27.8%
  • books at 27.7%

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