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Triple Protection for All Sensitive Skin Issues

by Natasha Christopher

Let’s admit it, having sensitive skin is truly a hassle. You have to watch what you do that wouldn’t worsen your skin. However, there’s a solution for everyone now! Introducing the Hada Labo + Sensitive Hydrating Range with soothing formula that’ll comes with extra benefits.

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Design (4.5/5)

As for the designs, it’s a pretty straight up bottle with 4 different types. Information is all there.

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Sensitive Skin got rescued by HadaLabo Sensitive Skin Set !❤ I received this set of HadaLabo Sensitive Skin Set before I went Taiwan and I was very excited to try out because me myself has been struggling with sensitive skin. The set comes with 4 which are: 1. the Creamy Wash – It’s so refreshing and doesn’t create any discomfort or over dry feeling to my face , I think I will continue to use it for sure ! 2. the Lotion – it comes in quite concentrated form , I think it can be use longer compared to my previous lotion. And I feels good the way it hydrates my skin. 3. the Milk – firstly I will say the packaging is cute ! And it also performs well not only in packaging but also the texture. I can finally found milk which hydrates me but not making my face oily. 4. the Cream – I’m so impressed by this cutie ! At first I was worried about my face will be getting oil-ed by using cream product. But, no ehh… I feels it firming my face without any oil texture spotted on my face. It’s so AMAZING ! Conclusion : Good Job Hadalabo ! I will definitely back to these after I finished them. ** Now everyone can be HADALABO 😎 #HadalaboPlusRange #HadaLaboSkinSolution #HadaLaboMalaysia

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Benefits (4.8/5) 

When it comes to having a sensitive skin, this Hada Labo product is specifically designed to soothe your skin with triple protection and can soothe redness in just four hours!


Ingredients: Lecithin, Squalene, and Shea Butter

Forms an invisible protective layer at outer skin.

Strengthens and Repairs

Ingredients: Collagen and Ceramide

Smoothen, soften as well as strengthen the skin barrier from other bacteria or germs that may be on your skin.


Ingredients: Chamomile extract, ginger extract and calendula extract

Has that calming effect that soothes skin irritation and redness

When it comes to its application, there are a few steps as each has its own benefits.

Image via astheryinn

Image via astheryinn

Step 1: Face Wash

Gentle Cleansing Face Wash

It’s soap free formula gently removes impurities, dirt and excess oil without disturbing the skin’s natural moisture balance.

The Natural Herbal moisturizing ingredients such as Licorice extract to maintain healthy skin and strengthen skin’s protective barrier against environmental pollutant and stressors. Plus, with its Hyaluronic Acid penetrates deep into the skin to intensely hydrate and restores skin’s moisture.

Step 2: Lotion

Defense of the Skin Barrier

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美好的肌肤 从保养开始 ❤️ @hadalabomalaysia @2cents.my

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With its Alpha-glucan Oligosaccharide ingredients in, forms a protective skin barrier to prevent further things to make your skin more sensitive.

The hydrolyzed collagen helps to repair sensitive skin and keep it healthier. This Hada Labo + Sensitive Hydrating Range ensures a calming sensation to ease the irritation and skin redness.

Step 3: Cream (For Dry Skin) / Milk (For Combination Skin) 

For step 3 is the triple protection formula that protects, repairs, soothes and deeply hydrates your skin.

The Shea Butter in this cream forms a protective shield against other environments out there that might harm your skin.

Value  (4.7/5) 

Hada Labo + Sensitive Hydrating Face Wash (100g) – RM 29.90

Hada Labo + Sensitive Hydrating Lotion (170ml) – RM 69.90

Hada Labo + Sensitive Hydrating Milk (90ml) – RM 59.90

Hada Labo + Sensitive Hydrating Cream (50g) – RM 78.90


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