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Creamy Cofftail, and Exquisite French Cuisine – All Here in Terrasse Cafe & Bistro 

by Natasha Christopher

In this quiet neighborhood area of Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya lies a cafe and bistro that most people may not know of but it’s time for you to take notice. Upon arriving, you’ll think with the small wooden door entrance, it’s just another cafe but not till you go upstairs which is where the fun is at! Established just this year of September,Terrasse Cafe & Bistro has quickly been raving by the people who visit this fusion cafe and bar. Afternoon will be a cafe themed, dinner would be a French dining experience and ending the night with cocktail bar vibe where lights are dimmed and house music being played in the background.
We spoke owners Sze Lee, and Kisson (also bartender/head chef and director) during our review. When asked what was the inspiration behind Terrasse Cafe & Bistro, all they wanted was a laidback vibe. 

Pictured owners: (left) Sze Lee and (right) Crisson

Pictured owners: (left) Sze Lee and (right) Kisson

“Sze Lee studied in UK for a few years and I (Kisson) studied in Germany back then, so it made us see the many inspiration picked out from different bars and restaurants from all over the country. Essentially we want it to be a fusion of cafe and bar where everyone can sit back and relax.”  

Kisson also owns a few cocktail bars and speakeasy places, hence making it another step up level on cocktail fusion on where the coffee cocktail (cofftail) is famous here. The alcoholic cocktails are also a hit among customers here.  

The sunroof part of the place.

The sunroof part of the place.

Besides that, one of the things that’ll attract you to come here is their superb interior designing by Sze Lee. She majors in Fashion Designing but her creativity stands out through it’s display. In Terrase, you have four different sections you wish to be seated at. You have a sunroof feel vibe (during nighttime you can catch a glimpse of starry skies), a factory themed, forest and a British garden themed that is especially catered for VIPs. 

Since the cofftail and cocktail was one of the main highlights in this place, let’s review them!


Flavored coffee with all the art but placed in a cocktail glass, making it a luxurious drinking experience. 

Sweet Potato Latte, RM12 (hot)
Truly never tasted how this both fusion could gel so well. Such a creamy yet flavorful sweet potato coffee this was. The “garnish” on this cofftail revives a good combination of aroma before you sip on it. 

Matcha Latte, RM 12 (hot) 
green matcha latter
For all you green tea matcha lovers, this beautiful extract of match latte certainly would win your hearts! Even their art on the coffee may look like a simple one, but to me it sort of represented the sun, trees and skies. But that’s just my interpretation. 


Terrasse, RM 45
This signature drinks is infused with Earl grey extract, gin, rum, jasmine tea, elder flower, angostura bitter, orange, lime and egg white (which explains the smoothness of the cocktail). 

If you’re looking for a sweet alcohol infused cocktail this is the one for you. The orange and lime ingredients in do balance out each other and certainly a slow and chill drink that many would prefer to order. 

Ich Vermiss Dich, RM 45 
Directly translate in German which means ‘I miss you’, comes with Cointreau, Italy vinegar, angostura bitter, orange, lime, rosemary and egg white. If you’re a person who loves smokey and slight bitter taste to a cocktail this would be the perfect cocktail for you – Ich Vermiss Dich. 


Seafood Aglio Olio, RM 36 
I’ve always loved aglio olio. Plus it with seafood and my heart is taken. For this rendition of the seafood aglio olio, my verdict would be that I love how generous the seafood portion are. Just like that, I’m sold. The aglio olio has the right texture and taste that isn’t too overwhelming nor is the spaghetti noodles were oily. With cherry tomatoes, herbs, clams, squid and prawns into the mix, it ought to be a nice touch of balance when you indulge in one of their cocktails. 

Canard a l’Orange, RM 42
This French classic main course stunned us with how brilliant and vibrant the combination of flavors were. It simply consists of French roast duck, orange sauce and sides of salad. Naturally one of the trickiest things was to ace the orange sauce so its acidity doesn’t overpower the whole dish. Luckily for Terrasse Cafe&Bistro, they nailed it in terms of taste, presentation and the juiciness of the duck. The sauce and meat pairs well together. The roast duck was generous in portion and tender for most part. Can be shared with 2 people.

In-House Special Cakes, RM18 
For the sweet tooth-ers, make sure you indulge in their beautiful made three slices of different cakes. Personal favorite: Blueberry Cheese Cake. 


Even get affordable deals when you visit Terrasse Cafe & Bistro on Thursdays! Buy 2 Cocktails free 1 Gin Tonic. 

Look out for their Happy Hour promo on Gin & Tonic only from 5 pm to 8 pm everyday. Price range RM 33 one and 2 Gin & Tonic for RM 40. 

Last till end of December! More promo soon to be updated. Check their social media website for further info.

Facebook: Terrasse Cafe & Bistro 
Instagram: terrassecafebistro

Terrasse Cafe & Bistro

Address: 622A, First Floor, Jalan 17/8, Happy Garden, Section 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Business Hours: Daily, 11am-1am.

Contact:  011-1198-9178

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