Home Highlight Visiting the Land of the Rising Sun with Influencer, Nana Bebu 

Visiting the Land of the Rising Sun with Influencer, Nana Bebu 

by Natasha Christopher

Japan is truly one of the most beautiful countries to visit while you’re on vacation. From geishas, cherry blossoms to the amazing culture of food they have to offer there, it’s no secret that Japan is a sort of places to go to tick it off your bucket list at least once in your life.

If you’ve not been to Japan before and want some inside scoop on some of the best place to head to, you’re in luck. Nana Bebu is a social media influencer and also an accomplished Youtuber. She regularly travels and sharing insights to where she’s been is something she loves to do too. Here’s Nana Bebu highlights on some of the places she went in Japan and the story behind it. 

Mojiko Station 
mojiko 3
It’s the oldest station in Kagoshima Line and was an important port for international trade from the end of the 1800s onwards. The moment you enter the entrance, it’s classic European style with some Japanese touches of their architecture is something to behold and be amazed at. What’s interesting about this railway line station is you can leisurely walk from the station to several other historic buildings located in an attractive waterfront area too. You have libraries, cafes, restaurants and museums too. 
mojiko 2

kita 1
Part of the Mojiko experience as well, you can make your way to the observatory place where you can see the beautiful view of this amazing place. You can even make your way to the Kawachi Wisteria Garden where it features spectacular flower tunnels. Lastly, make your way to the Kitakyushu Manga Museum too for comic book enthusiasts! 

food 1
We set out to have our first dinner in Kitakyushu in this famous local area. The soup was very sweet and delighted all of us with the taste. The sashimi was very different from all the other times I’ve eaten it as it has a very fresh, thick meat and presents a vibrant flavour. Definitely was satisfied with the meal! 
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Banana Beer 
beer 1
This is a must have when you’re in Moji Port. The taste in this banana beer is really special as it’s really smooth and whole lotta banana ‘peelings’. There’s an option of the alcohol flavor or non alcohol but personally for me, I prefer the non alcohol as it’s more concentrated in its banana flavor. Pair up your beverage with a local grilled curry dish and you’ll have the perfect meal. 

Canal City Shopping Center, Fukuoka 
canal 1
It’s a large shopping complex conveniently situated between Tenjin (downtown area), Nakasu (entertainment district) and Hakata (originally a port city). It’s basically all of the city package rolled into one where you have 250 shops and restaurants, amusement facilities and even a high-class hotels. 

If you want to find out the latest happenings or whereabouts Nana Bebu will be venturing to next, follow her on her Instagram @nanabebu. Aside from that, she also maintain a healthy lifestyle and fashion tips to give you all. Can be seen through her social media.  

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