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Get Up Close with Established Portrait Photographer, Annatasha

by Natasha Christopher

Let’s delve in straight up into Annatasha’s talented photography work that consist of sending a positive message behind it!

How long have you been a photographer? 

I picked up my first camera at the age of 13 (13 years ago) but my first paid photo shoot was at 18 (8 years ago)! So depends on who’s asking!

Where did the passion for photography started?

When I saw what my favourite photographer could do with the click of a camera. Lara Jade used to shoot self portraits and manipulate the pictures to be ethereal and a little dark and I thought to myself, “This is photography”. The fact that you could be absolutely anyone and express yourself in absolutely anyway. I was 13 when I found her on DeviantArt and I became obsessed with wanting to capture someone’s (even my own) aura in a picture, the way she captured her own. It’s like a show with no music or scripts!

Seen in the picture is Former Asia's Next Top Model contestant, Alicia Amin

Seen in the picture is former Asia’s Next Top Model contestant, host, and model, Alicia Amin

What is your favorite subject to photograph? Why?
Humans. I used to enjoy shooting landscapes and capturing the beauty Earth has to offer. As I grew up, I learn that humans are part of that beauty too. ESPECIALLY in their own individuality and environment. Women in particular are my favourite because it’s like a comfortable SAFE room just booming with strength and empowerment and most importantly SUPPORT. We thrive, both in front and behind the camera.

What is your favorite type of lens or camera to shoot with? Why?

I have been shooting with my Canon 5D Mark III for 7 years now. It is the love of my life. I mostly shoot on the same 50 mm 1.4 that I purchased with the camera (as my specialty is portraits). It’s been my set up for so long. I do like experimenting with lenses that I can get my hands on but I seem to always revert back to them old boys.

 Whose work has influenced you the most? 

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I’ve been doing photography for almost 16 years. Even typing that out is strange. 16 years!! Has it been the easiest journey? No! Nothing worth having comes easy. Which brings me to say that I’m lucky to have a career I love doing and also help others along the way with my education series & in person workshops! When I started there was no information on starting a photography business in fashion, info on how to get published, shoot production and set know how, pitching to clients, pricing your work, understanding licensing etc.. to say the least it was very very frustrating that there was a wall up and I often felt like giving up! I want to help you gain that confidence in your work and know exactly how to create brand awareness in a modern industry. I’ll have more details for you about the RELEASE of my upcoming online series in the next couple of days! 📷 by @don.ixon

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Lara Jade! As mentioned before, she started with self-portraits and has bloomed into a renowned Fashion/Editorial Photographer. Even though she captures clothes, she also captures an emotion within the story telling of the clothing design. And every time she shoots celebrities, she captures their aura perfectly.

What are the biggest misconception people have about the work you do? 

That I am just a picture taker and not an artist. I would like to think that there’s a distinct style to my craft that people will hire me for. For the most part, with the education of what art is, the less people have misconstrued what photography is and have better understood my aesthetic. But even painters and graphic designers all have their own individuality and we would hope to be hired for that and not just to replicate something else our client has seen before.

How do you educate yourself to take better pictures?

By learning from others and learning from my previous work. Being inspired by people helps. You start trying new techniques in shooting and editing that make you grow as an artist! Experimenting with styles out of your norm is key to learning new technical things!

Do you use any technology/software to edit the pictures? If yes, kindly share with us what is it. 

Adobe Lightroom for all my colour correction and Adobe Photoshop for any extra skin retouching. Sometimes VSCO if I’m on the go and have my iPhone SD Card reader on me! I never stop moving!

What other types of pictures would you like to take to expand your portfolio? 

I would love to do full on Editorial photos. I’ve not had the chance yet, but I’m going to keep working until the opportunity comes my way. The idea of working with a designer and their vision of the clothes they make is just so exciting to me!

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Hair pulled back and suddenly I am a different person! Happy Merdeka! 🇲🇾

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When it comes to Instagram or any other social media sites, what do you think makes a good picture stand out from average? 

Emotion! Everyone can take a good photo or post an amazing composition, but if a photo strikes a chord within you, you know it’s going to stand out to others!

Among all your works, which one is your favorite? Tell us the story behind the picture. 

It’s a series of photos from my two trips to Colorado to meet with my beautiful creatives, Madi, Anatalia and Brooke. These girls showed me the true meaning of loving yourself so hard internally that it translates to your confidence and self love externally. We all took turns taking photos of each other and the energy was so unreal, I have never felt more comfortable in my skin than right then with these women! For the first time in a long time in front of the camera, I felt absolutely beautiful.

What is (one of) the most eye-opening photo projects you’ve covered?

Pictured in the photo, Nalisa Amin

Pictured in the photo, Nalisa Amin

Probably the one of Nalisa that I did, which wasn’t even a planned project, she had just hired me for her own personal portfolio. We shared her photos that exuded body positivity and the reaction to it was overwhelming! Of course there were some negative people but what was truly overwhelming was the amount of people that just felt absolutely empowered with their own body shapes and types after seeing those photographs. And what was really eye opening was that these women opened up to me about how they have never had the confidence to get their photos taken because of how they look but it is SO important that they know a photo is beautiful because THEY make it beautiful.If you feel good, then your way is the right way to look gorgeous.

Most rewarding thing about your work? 

Giving my clients (particularly women) the safe space to be themselves. I aspire to capture the beauty within them so that they can FEEL and SEE how beautiful they are. It’s really rewarding when my clients come back to me and tell me they feel beautiful after a shoot. That’s what I want. I want them to be happy and feel good about themselves!

Advice to upcoming photographers wanting to go in the same path as you are? 

Be patient. Work doesn’t come easy or fast but when it does, it is rewarding. Don’t be afraid to experiment and learn from others. Your style in photography will not be at stake; PLEASE soak up all your favourite artists’ vibes and energy and eventually you will churn out your own distinct look. Collaborate when time and money allows and don’t forget to give people credit where it is due and in return, people will credit you for your amazing work!
Any upcoming projects you have that you could share with us? 

There’s a huge one coming up but I can’t share it with you yet. I can only say that it’ll be released in April. So for now I’m tongue-tied!

Similarly, Annatasha or her Instagram handle name @monkeydisease, loves and breaths anything that has to do with music, particularly singing . Also, she is very passionate about creating a safe space for the women of the community to thrive, share and grow together through @safespacemalaysia on Instagram. Be sure to follow her on IG to see what’s next for this talented artist up ahead!

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