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La Risata Restaurant Still Remains A Favorite Italian Dining Spot For All

by Natasha Christopher

If you’re a connoisseur for Italian food, La Risata is the perfect lively dine-in restaurants around town! The name “La Risata” actually means “the laughter” in Italian, is situated in two places with Ampang being the main branch and shortly after Damansara was open to the public three years later.

Having known as one of the oldest Italian restaurants around, they have been serving some of the best Italian food in Kuala Lumpur since 1996 itself. La Risata has been welcoming customers from all walks of life to unite them for their love of classic hearty pizzas and succulent steaks.

Image via Nigel Chong

Image via Nigel Chong

We’ve tried out the one at the Damansara branch and instantly entering in, you’ll have this feeling of a luxurious setting yet with a touch of feeling right at home. With slightly dimmed lights and breezy environment, this place can be the perfect date night too!

Image via Nigel Chong

Image via Nigel Chong

“We’re proud of the fact that we give value for money in terms of food, new menus and ambiance to provide the best for a great customer dining experience. Over the years, we also want to maintain a friendly neighborhood type of feel and encourage our customers to try something new from the menu as well” -Selena Mak, Senior Sales and Marketing Manager of La Risata-

Owners of La Risata, Lissa Yeoh and Yuen Yin Szeto took over this place and transition it to closer to comfort Italian ways of cooking. For example, authentic Italian dishes ranging from traditional wood-fired oven thin to selecting the finest ingredients for every meal.

Let’s check out some of the Italian dishes you can indulge here!

Pizza Carbonara, RM 29
Carbonara and pizzas, you might think they have nothing in common. In La Risata, they introduce pizza carbonara where it consists of beef bacon, mushroom, mozzarella and parmesan. Just imagine your regular pasta carbonara but in pizza form. YUMMY! Aside from the thin crust that is baked to perfection, it’s one slice portion is truly the proper Italian size – can be shared with two people or more.

Pizza Pera E Gorgonzola, RM 33

The other half is the Pizza Pera E Gorgonzola. Image credit: Nigel Chong

The other half is the Pizza Pera E Gorgonzola. Image credit: Nigel Chong

There’s also a vegetarian pizza option for the customers as well. This comes with pear shavings, rocket salad, gorgonzola, mozzarella and walnut. What’s interesting about this dish is the fact you’ll get an after taste to this dish where the Italian blue cheese, or as it’s called gorgonzola and that earthy hints of the walnuts. There’s just something truly unique about the combination of this pizza.

Gnocchi Al Gamberi, RM 24
For those who are not familiar with what gnocchi is, it’s an Italian speciality of a potato dumpling with a flavouring of herbs and vegetables. In this take of gnocchi in La Risata, it consists of little potato dumplings and juicy prawns sauteed in herb butter. Just make sure you have a taste of the gnocchi and the prawn together and you’ll begin to see the magic in terms of its flavour. A great appetizer indeed!

Tomini Alla Griglia Con Peperoni Arrostiti, RM 40

That's the tomini cheese on top of the bread! Look how rich it is.

That’s the tomini cheese on top of the bread! Look how rich it is.

I know. When I first tried to pronounce this dish, it got my tongue all twisted and wasn’t doing this humble Italian dish any justice. The presentation alone is just an Insta moment on its own. For those who are as clueless as I am, Tomini is a soft fresh cheese that is made of cow’s milk, alla griglia direct translation means grilled meat or vegetables. Comes in a sandwich like preparation, this appetizer comes with a grilled tomini cheese with roasted pepper, tomato and rocket on toasted ciabatta bread. Certainly, you can taste the freshness of the ingredients and a good starter to fill your tummy.

Tortellini D’Anatra E Porcini, RM 37
Tortellini are ring-shaped pasta that is sometimes known as belly button as it’s shaped like one. In layman terms, you can even call it a “Chinese wonton” but the Italian version of course. All of this tortellini are handmade that is stuffed with porcini ( Italian and French mushroom), button mushroom, with smoked duck mascarpone and parmesan cheese with fresh sage butter and completing it with truffle oil. Let me tell you something, this dish blew my mind away. Not only is the duck and the other ingredients blend well together to endeavor, but the sauce is pretty much the anchor that holds this tortellini dish to its perfection. Creamy and adds that zest to this picture-perfect Italian food.

Spaghetti Alla Risata, RM 39
This house specialty is baked in foil with mixed seafood in a hearty spicy tomato sauce. The seafood given in this huge portion (2-3 person to share) is generous. The pasta along with mixed seafood of prawns, mussels, squid and clams makes it a great infusion of flavors that gives it a slight leverage of spiciness tinge to it. The perfect meal for a group of family to enjoy.

Costata Di Manzo Alla Griglia, RM 76
The Italian word “Costata” is ribeye in English where this amazing piece of meat is grilled Australian chilled grain-fed rib (250g) with baked potato cake and mixed vegetables with a choice of sauce of not just one or two but three! You have the option of creamy mushroom, gorgonzola cheese and brown sauce. One of the best things about this main course is the fact of how smooth, juicy and tender meat is -cooked medium-well. I felt it was heaven calling my name through this wonderfully cooked steak. Pair it with every sauce available and it’ll double your chances of coming back here for more. The baked potato cake is also a great option for this food as opposed to normal mash potato. It’s a whole different experience that one should try at least once.

Sfogliatelle, RM 18
A sfogliatelle is sometimes called a lobster tail in English but direct translation means small, thin leaf/layer” as this pastry follows the shape that resembles stacked leaves. When you open it up, you’ll get a pastry filled with amazing goodness of chocolate. The crispiness as you crunch the sfogliatelle up with the combination of the thick fillings in it seems to be the way to a sweet heaven factory.

Chocolate Bombe, RM 25

Image via Nigel Chong

Image via Nigel Chong

For this dessert, you need to be ready with your phone to record the presentation of how this is being served. The chocolate bombe itself is hidden in a dark and white chocolate semifreddo with wild berries. It’s certainly a rich dessert that is packed with all the right sweetness and makes you feel, ahhh that was a great meal to end!

To feed your Malaysian tummy with Italian finest food, make sure you head to

La Risata, Damansara

Address: 128, Jalan Kasah, Medan Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Opening Hours: Daily, Lunch (12pm-3pm) Dinner (6pm- 11 pm)

Phone: 03-20959572

FB: @larisatarestaurant

Website: la-risata.com

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