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Reduce Hair Loss Instantly with 50 Megumi – Japan’s Leading Anti Hair Loss Series

by Natasha Christopher

Have you ever had that feeling your hair is slowly losing away and with every stroke, your hair tends to drop a lot? It makes all of us insecure and drops our self-esteem because hair is our crowning glory. Same goes to a bad hair day, it’ll make or break our day. 

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However, recently we’ve found this amazing hair rescue for all your hair needs. 50 Megumi, Japan’s leading anti hair loss series has proven to be the greater help for anyone experiencing hair loss, oily scalp, and to strengthen your hair scalp. 

Image via @wuikathy photography for MouseMommyTreats.blogspot.com

Image via @wuikathy photography for MouseMommyTreats.blogspot.com

With its powerful ingredients that combines 50 precious ingredients are known to advocate to getting healthier and thicker hair. Some of the ingredients in 50 Megumi consists of ginseng, cordyceps sinesis, ganoderma lucidum, poria and seaweed. Plus, worth knowing that it has sold over 10 million bottles in Japan alone. Let’s reveal why 50 Megumi would be beneficial to your life. 

Design 4.3/5 

The bottle has an easy holding to it and is compact enough to bring it anywhere you want it to be. To learn more on the rest of the ingredients in, you have it written all over the cover of the bottle itself too. 

Touch & Smell 4.6/5 

This new hair anti-ageing routine texture is super light and fresh. You definitely won’t feel any stickiness from your palm to your scalp. Plus, the smell that follows once you apply it is also pleasant on the nose. Makes it’s easy as you don’t need to rinse off after use. Just take it as hair cologne but with extra benefits for you! 

Application 4.8/5 

Applying the 50 Megumi on your head is a rather simple and on-the-go experience. 

Step 1: Apply 6 to 7 drops on your hairline area or where the issue of the hair is at. 

Step 2: Massage your hair scalp gently. Make sure you cover the top of your head and also the side of your head for maximum usability of the product. 

Step 3: The final step is to just leave on the product. You can go about your day without having to worry about anything. 

Benefits 5/5

There are FOUR key functions when it comes to 50 Megumi’s benefits: 

  1. Stimulates hair follicle: Responsible for regrowth of hair and strengthen hair roots
  2. Scalp control: Increases your hair density and promotes a better scalp blood circulation 
  3. Reduced hair loss: promoting a healthier and thicker hair 
  4. Formulates with top key ingredients: deeply moisturize and nourishes the scalp

With its ingredients are per mentioned above, it has the extract to ever prolong your hair life cycle and enhance deep penetration into the scalp to help further improve your hair conditions. It even reduces hair loss by 32%, leaving your hair more volumized. 

Value 4.6/5 

The 50 Megumi Anti Hair Loss Treatment Essence is priced at RM150 and is available at your nearest Guardian, Caring, Aeon Wellness, Shopee, and Hermo


There’s just so much of goodness we can say about 50 Megumi and it’s definitely one of the best products you can have with you to combat hair loss and in turn, getting that shine or glow from your hair! It’s a win-win situation for all.
For more information, please visit 50megumimy Instagram page.  

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