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Glow In the Sun With This Ultra Protection Sunscreen! 

by Natasha Christopher

Sunplay Clear Water SPF 50++ is here to rescue from the scorching hot sun!  
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Being outdoors is something most of us love to do, may it be with your family or friends. However, most of the time it prevents us from heading out as the fear of being sunburnt daunts on us. Now with the Sunplay Clear Water SPF50++, you don’t need to worry about all those fears you’ve been having. Rest assured this popular Japan’s most sort after sunscreen product provides an effective solutions which are born from Mentholatum’s 129-year expertise in skin care and optimized through Japanese technology, giving you ultimate sun protection that is safe, toxic-free and lightweight.  

Design 4.7/5 

This quick to go 30 grams bottle that can fit almost anywhere you store comes with a rather mixture of purple and blue design to it that looks easy on the eyes. It has a blue cap that secures well so nothing leaks out. 

Touch & Smell 4.7/5 

Sunplay Clear Water sunscreen is a mix of chemical and mineral filters where the alcohol content in the sunscreen is fragrance-free and is suitable to use for all skin. Comes in ultra-light milk texture that goes on easily and absorbs quickly for an invisible, weightless feel on skin. 

Application 4.8/5 

Best applied to shake well before use. Apply a good amount of the sunscreen evenly on face and body before you expose yourself to the sun. Reapplying could achieve a better result for the user especially after an outdoor activity. Can be worked with BB cream too and blends well. To be used once or twice a day and can be a base under your coloured products too. To remove the sunscreen, simply grab a facial cleanser or body wash. 

Benefits 5/5 

There’s amazing benefits when you use Sunplay Clear Water SPF 50 PA++++ here that we can’t wait to share with you. 

Blue-tinted sunscreen

The blue-tinted colored sunscreen combines with micro pearls to help color-correct skin and give you a natural translucent complexion. Cover dullness of the whole body bringing it to a pure transparent skin that would look like you’re glowing! Plus, gives you a three-dimensional pearl blending.


It contains 3 main vitamins which are Vitamin C, E and Provitamin B5 to protect skin against dryness, roughness, darkening and also prevents premature ageing. Plus the hyaluronic acid would keep your skin hydrated all the time under the UV sun. For a longer period of time too, may I add. From this ingredients, you can just be yourself under the sun as it offers sweat and water resistance! 

Value 5/5 

For all the benefits you saw plus with its easy application that can be used as makeup base too, the value is simply just what everyone can afford. It’s all for RM 31.90 on every Guardian stores near you. 


Sunplay Clear Water SPF50 PA++++ is waterproof, sebum and sweat-resistant while it protects against the sun’s harmful rays. We’d say this is a purchase well done to make it our permanent sunscreen. Love Sunplay suncreens!
For more information or to purchase, please visit www.mentholatum.com.my

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