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Here’s How You Can Renew Your Passport via Online

by Natasha Christopher

No more waking up early morning, lining up and waiting for your turn to renew your passports now at the immigration office. You can do it via online, and payment can be made by credit card or using direct debit facilities (FPX).

Cover image credit: soyacincau.com 

Here’s how you do it. 

You have to first visit this website: https://eservices.imi.gov.my/myimms/myPassport?lang=en and fill out a form in the link. After completing the form, make sure you choose the branch of immigration office that you want to pick up your new passport at.

Next, here come’s the tricky part, uploading your picture. It’s pretty specific but we’ll guide you through it.
According to the Immigration Department of Malaysia website, it states;

  • The background colour of the photo MUST be white. Other background colours are not acceptable.
  • Application must wear dark colored clothing covering the shoulder and chest.
  • Ladies wearing head cover or hijab must wear dark colors preferably black. Their face must be visible.
  • The uploaded photo must be in the form of soft copy taken by a professional photo shop. Instant or Polaroid photo is not acceptable.

After that, make the payment. For ages 13-59 years old is RM 200 and for senior citizens (60 years old and above) is RM 100. Lastly, head on over to the immigration office to pick up your new passport. You can pick it up 1 or 2 hours after the application and payment went through but sometimes it’s best to take it the next day itself to be sure it’s fully done.

Twitter users, @Najib_Ayub explains the process and mentions that if you start applying before 12pm, the whole process can be done within a day.

He explains in his Twitter thread that it took him about 20 minutes to sign, sealed and delivered his renewed passport while in the immigration department. He said that it’s imperative that you bring your online print receipt, your original identification card, and your old passport while on your way there.

One more rule:  A citizen illegally residing legally abroad are not eligible to use the online passport application facilities (MyOnline).



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