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Get FROZEN – An Artisanal Ice Cream Shop in Telawi, Bangsar

by Natasha Christopher

If there is one thing in this world that connects all of us, it’s for sure is ice cream! What’s not to like about it? It’s sweet, cooling, and can be eaten anytime of the day. Some would even have options for multiples of flavors to indulge in and you can even fuse it perfectly with a dish or a drink.
Nowadays, there many types of ice creams that are being served. Take for example, Frozen by Ken at Telawi, Bangsar. It’s a fun ice cream shop that provides freshly made Australian-style inspired desserts and is highly specialized in their ice-cream themed desserts. Make sure you check out their home made ice cream inspired cakes too to soothe the taste buds of the local.

Image via Buro24/7

Image via Buro24/7

FROZEN is the popular artisanal ice cream outlet that is joinly created with MasterChef Australia’s Christy Tania.

Each month the team would re-create a new ice cream flavor to better suit everyone’s sweet tooth. There are about 16 and more flavors for you to choose from.
One thing about this place that will attract you besides the colorful ice creams and delicious crafted cakes are the neon light decoration which will be perfect for all you Instagrammers!

You should try their dark chocolate, cookies&cream, milo dinosaur, hojicha flavors and musang king ice cream to boost your taste buds.
With the ice creams, you have a difference of prices based on the amount;

Single scoop:RM 10.90, Double scoop: RM 14.90, Triple scoop: RM 18.90 


600ML : RM39.90, 1200ML: RM79.80 (you could even buy 2 Tubs, Free One single scoop!) 

Ice creams here are beautifully made with thick, creamy flavors that would make you scoop for another round. However, do note their fruity ice cream flavors here can hit you instantly with it’s strong hint of sourness from the fruit. For example, the passion and mango ice cream. Worth the try tho! Depending on your preference actually.

Now, they have expanded their outlet in Paradigm Mall too that is located at the UG Floor. Bangsar is their first main place and has been around for a year. So get your frozen pants on and feed your sweet tooth away!

Business Hours: 12PM – 11PM 

Contact: 03-2856 8289 

Address: No.6, Jalan Telawi 4, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Social media: FROZEN Ice-Cream

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