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The Malaysian Street Fashion Brands

by Natasha Christopher

I’ve always been a fan of fashion since I was a young kid. I would borrow my mum’s heels and start strutting my stuff around the house like I own it. I would even go as far as putting up a fashion show with my cousins whenever they did visit us. Only because I’m a huge fan of Tyra Banks back then (I still am!) Ahhh! Those were my moments of fashion crowning glory days. Unsurprisingly, fashion changes day by day. One day shoulder pads are the “in” thing, the next day they’re not.

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The same could be said about the fashion industry of Malaysia. As I observe the ever-evolving fashion trend of Malaysia itself, oversized hoodie/shirts, sneakers, and caps are in style right now. The outfits or brands are specifically catered to the youth. Local brands are becoming the talk of the town with their own personal, unique sense of style or as they call it, the street style.

Pestle & Mortar 

Ask anybody about this brand and they’ll be sure to know all about it. Established in the year of 2010, three close friends opened up Pestle& Mortar. They had their humble beginning from festival markets to word of mouth just by selling and promoting their brand. Their hard work paid off and now it has its flagship store in the heart of Bangsar, Jalan Telawi. Their style incorporates local fusion with street day-to-day wear, applicable to both men and women. Pestle&Mortar products range from t-shirts, caps and right down to sweatpants.

Tarik Jeans 

Malaysians are famous for their love for Teh Tarik and yes, it tastes amazing when you’re sipping it in the morning while having your roti canai. Tarik Jeans is nothing short of that sort but it does have leave an impression to both wearers and onlookers. Tarik Jeans was founded in the year 2010 and it’s no ordinary jeans – they tend to mix fashion styles from skinny jeans to waist line. The main inspiration for Tarik is the everyday Malaysian, a small slice of life embodied through immaculate clothing. Such pieces allow us to be the penglipur lara (storyteller) of our time, sewing the tapestry of local myths and legends intertwined with modern references. Tarik Jeans label instills a strong message on diversity and connecting youth to their roots.

Attack Apparel 

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My center is giving way, my right is in retreat; situation excellent. I shall attack. #attackapparel #temperedmental

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And attack they did! Boasting famous celebrities pulling off their line such as Malaysia’s Queen of Rock, Ella, Attack Apparel is the fastest growing clothing brand in Malaysia. The brand has risen to the top with their superior detailed graphic design collections of graphic tees, hoodies, and caps. They have also branched out into merchandising, focusing on daily used items such as posters, mugs, and iPhone cases. Their unique, bold designs have enabled them to extend their reach to the worldwide market.

Swagger Salon 

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Decisions, decisions. #LANSI #theswaggersalon

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If you’ve been seeing the word “LANSI” on every merchandise of T-shirts or cap then this is where the origins of the product name is. Swagger Salon has expanded to become an independently-run multi-brand clothing label — featuring a range of caps, t-shirts, jackets, work wear, and accessories, on its apparel roster. LANSI has since been consistently ranked as one of the best known local brands, been featured on national TV, censored on national TV, bootlegged by pirates from Taiping to Taipei, and rocked by people from all walks of life. The creator Shen, grew up as a hip-hop enthusiast; dabbling in rap music and graffiti art in his early years, that’s why you can see the creativity that flows in his designs. The Swagger Salon now successfully established itself as one of the leading street wear clothing labels in Malaysia.


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