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Indulge Magical Potions and Food In Poison Apple

by Natasha Christopher

Situated just a stone’s throw away from Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall and Sunway Lagoon BRT stop lies one of the most magical places your eyes will set on. It’s located inside of EGG (Eight Gourmet Gala). Upon arriving, you’ll be bewildered with the creation of the iconic Lord of the Rings’ Hobbit door -which is customized by the team –  with a signboard written as Poison Apple. As soon as you enter into the restaurant, you’ll feel like a Princess or King entering into a land of fairy tale. The ambiance does feel like you’re entering one of your childhood storybooks that have turned into reality.
It’s a place that’s full of not just one fairy tale story but a tremendous amount of it. Picking up inspiration from Snow White, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Jack and the Bean Stalk, ogres, grim characters and many more. 

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Wishing well with beer tap (1)
You’ll be greeted by a gold wishing well with a smoke machine that has a draft beer purposes there too. Just looking next to it, you can see a pillar that’s being branched to the top with apples hanging on them (Jack and the Beanstalk inspired decor). One of the best things about this magical place is their hologram frame which looks like a movie from a Harry Potter. So, when you walk in and see the pictures are moving, don’t worry, you’re not drunk, it is literally moving!  

Moving portraits
There’s even a hologram room that is specifically dedicated to any event parties, private functions, proposals and many more. Somehow, it has a very Avatar movie inspired lighting. It certainly does give out a fantasy yet a cosy feel when you’ve entered. 

I had a chat with one of the owners of Poison Apple, June Chang who mentions that the themed restaurant and bar has been in the works for about 13 years and counting after countless of research and being in the industry for over a decade. June and her brother, Chris Chang founded this place and always wanted to do something that they love, so childhood memories were the decision. Shortly after a year of planning and executing this place from scratch, it unveils a magical eatery spot. One interesting fact about this place is that there was no interior designer for this place as it was all solely handled by the Chang siblings and their team. 

“It took a long time for us to put this place together, sometimes we’ll be standing with just two strings at one place for hours just to get the perfect design and many are baffled by our doings. In the end, I’m very happy at the results and the hard work we and the team put in.” – June Chang, owner of Poison Apple. 

The name Poison Apple is influenced by the classic fairy tale Snow White and is designed as an escape from reality into a land of fantasy.

When it comes to their food, it’s nothing short of magical too. It’s has a very Midwest genre of food, but at Poison Apple, they elevated their food to pack a punch of spice as well. 

Griffith Wings, RM22 
Your all-rounder snack that everyone enjoys. Spicy chicken wings but delivers to every Asian palate. Comes with Mala ingrained sauce, that’ll leave your lips and tongue numb but the chicken is juicy and is worth the adventure to go forth. There are 6 pieces of chicken so you can share it around. 

Excalibur (Sword in the stone), RM 32
Behold, the Viking like sword swear upon you, that this is the cheesiest garlic bread. It’s an extra huge portion so best to share this meal all around. Remember to pull the bread out to uncover the abundance of cheese goodness. 

Phoenix Chicken, RM58
Chilli Phoenix
This is a tender, smoked whole kampung chicken covered with dried chillies with a hint of applewood smokiness. Even the owner said you WILL love it! 

Lobster Omelette, RM 168
The mother of all seafood main course. A whole poached lobster served in a stone pot that is poured with raw and stirred egg on the spot as you are seated. Recommended eating this dish after 15 minutes to let the eggs cook. The lobster certainly delivered a good amount of meat that pairs well with the omelette. A balanced mixture of good lobster and protein eggs. 

The Beast Burger, RM 33
The Beast Burger
One look, and you’ll love the layers it has on this beast of a burger. This is a Poison Apple’s signature burger with thick juicy beef and fried cheese patty. Comes with a side of french fries. It’s a messy eating experience but one that all should give it a go for the patty alone. Delicious! 

Spicy Unicorn’s Leg, RM 58 
Spicy Unicorn’s Leg (2)
A sizzling lamb shank served in a hot stone pot that is cooked with fiery Szechuan pepper sauce that’ll make you want more. The tenderness of the lamb meat itself is perhaps the next best thing about this dish besides the spicy kick of the sauce. 


Red Queen Spaghetti, RM 33
Another Mala infused dish. A super spicy pasta cooked with Szechuan pepper sauce with a choice of minced beef or chicken. As much as I love the spicy notes in this dish, but it could be a little empowering to the point the flavouring becomes blend for the pasta itself. Although it gives a good portion of minced meat in it. 

Be sure to check out their signature cocktails too. 
Poison Apple Signature
Poison Apple Signature cocktail is a special concoction inspired by mermaid tales and finished with a daring presentation for smooth-sipping vodka and green apple syrup with soda. 
The Snow White Potion is a magical touch of vodka with white creme de cacao and coconut cream. 
Witch's Voodoo Cauldron
Lastly, the Witch’s Voodoo Cauldron is a fruity red wine infused with mixed berries and topped with whipped cream and cocoa powder.  

The three cocktails are all priced at RM 32

To experience the magic head on over to: 

Address: Suite G-01, The Pinnacle Annexe, Persiaran Lagoon Petaling Jaya 47500 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Operation time: 3PM – 2AM DAILY 

Contact: 012-433 9686

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