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80’s and 90’s Malaysian TV Show That Everyone Love

by Natasha Christopher

The image via FlixWatch/Youtube 

I was on Twitter today morning and saw this post that resonates all Generation Y could.

It also highlights back to the times where TV shows would only air only in that week, and if we missed it, there would not be any repeats. So, some even circle on the newspaper’s TV guide section as a reminder.  Ahhh, gosh, how times just flew by.  In those moments alone really makes us feel grateful for the present entertainment platform such as streaming services, record a show you want to watch later and affordable paid entertainment services for each home.

However, back in those days, even without the Internet, we still enjoyed our 90’s and 80’s and it could be attributed to the amazing TV show that aired.

Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu
tv pitangtu
This popular comedy TV show rose to fame in the ’80s and was aired on TV3. The sitcom talks about the life of the multi-cultural people staying in Flat Seri Wangi. You have the likes of the character of Pak Busu, Lucy, Budin, Ravi, Pak Uda, Mak Ngah and many more.

It ran from 1985 to 2004. Once the show was over, their legacy still lives on when it was picked as a musical and also was featured weekly as a newspaper comic strip.

Acted by: Imuda, Angeline Tan, Khatijah Tan, Mohammad Abdullah, Zami Ismail and etc.
Genre: Comedy


One simply cannot forget the opening theme song to this Malaysian English comedy TV show called Kopitiam. It features a young woman who was studying in England, comes back to Malaysia to take over her late father’s coffee shop. She gains quirky friends there that made the whole show interesting.

Created by Ng Ping Ho, the show was such a success that it ran for a total of seven seasons. Kopitiam even picked up a few nominations and wins at the Asian Television Awards.

Acted by: Joanna Bessey, Douglas Lim, Lina Teoh, Mano Maniam and etc. 
Genre: Comedy, family-friendly 

Malaysian Idol 

Every Malaysian had their eyes glued to the screen when the Malaysian version of Idol came to the picture. It’s a singing competition which witnessed some of the most mind-blowing voice for example winner of Malaysian Idol 1, Jaclyn Victor.

The winner received a major record deal and also created an opportunity for other contestants who didn’t win as well. The show made it all worth to watch too with Paul Moss, Roslan Aziz, and Fauziah Latiff as judges. However, Malaysian Idol continues its run for only two seasons but was one of Malaysia’s favourite show.

Talents: Jaclyn Victor, Daniel Lee, Dina and etc. 
Genre: Competition, reality show

Gol & Gincu 
gol gincu
Directed by Bernard Chauly, Gol&Gincu saw uprising talents that are now famous such as Nur Fazura, Ashraf Sinclair, Mohd Pierre Andre and Sazzy Falak. It was initially a film with the same title that in 2006 they decided to make it a Malaysian TV series.

Sypnosis of the story begins when a spoiled college girl name Putri loses her hot boyfriend Edy, she tries to get him back by taking up futsal, a sport that he’s crazy about.

Acted by: Nur Fazura, Sazzy Falak, Ashraf Sinclair 
Genre: Romance, comedy, sport


Ah-ha! Bet you would have seen this comedy sketch show that is produced and hosted by actor-comedian, Afdlin Shauki and comedian Harith Iskander.

This half an hour show in some ways could be described like an a-la Saturday Night Live, where host and ensemble of the cast from the theatre scene acted out their best satirical perspective of being Malaysian. If you’re looking for a laugh that pokes fun at any issue possible, then this show is for you.

Acted by: Afdlin Shauki, Harith Iskander, Eda Nerina, Lina Teo and etc. 
Genre: Satire comedy, sketch comedy, variety show 

Spanar Jaya 
One of the best-loved Malaysian sitcoms of the 1990s air for a total of 5 years. It depicts Pak Selamat, a small-time business owner of motor repair shop called Spanar Jaya who have dreams of making it big into the world of entrepreneurship.

Although the character who played Pak Selamat, Zaibo passed away last year, Spanar Jaya X will return to the small screen with a balance of old and new actors.

Acted by: Zaibo, Rambo Chin, Ahmad Idham, Opie Zami, Deanna Yusoff and etc. 
Genre: Comedy 

Gerak Khas 

The Law and Order of Malaysian tv-shows, Gerak Khas aired for a total of 19 seasons and it was the first Malaysian successful police drama who directed by the notable Datuk Yusof Haslam. Yes, it’s still airing now!  The series received recognition from The Malaysia Book of Records as the country’s longest-running television drama series.

The reason for Gerak Khas to be a legend on the Malaysian screen is its interesting plotline and character and the whole police workforce system more relatable to all.

Acted by: Abby Abadi, Dato AC Mizal, Farid Amirul, Datuk Yusof Haslam and etc. 
Genre: Crime, Action drama 

Keluang Man

Image via Cinema Online

Image via Cinema Online

Every child knows this Malaysian animation comedy superhero name Keluang Man, who is based on the fruit bat. The Keluang Man cartoon series was very popular since his first appearance back in 1998 through Malaysian local TV channel, TVI, however, was stopped by the year 2002.

The storyline was interesting as Keluang Man’s real name is Borhan, is actually one of the mental patients in a hospital. Since it’s hard for Keluang Man to fight crime during the day, he decides to do at night. Although there was a Keluang Man film being in the plans, however, that plan failed. Oh well, sometimes legendary shows are meant to not be remastered.

Voiceover by: Mohd Akib Junid, Azhar Saad, Wan Ayumi Wan Yusof 
Genre: Superhero, Animation, Comedy 

Here are some notable mentions of die die also must watch on Malaysian screens in the past.

Image via TV Time

Image via TV Time

Phua Chu Kang, Bawang Merah Bawang Putih, Kan Cheong Kitchen, Roda Impian, Misteri Nusantara, Majalah Tiga, Senario.

Which is your favourite?

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