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Typing With Ease For Everyone With the iKBC Keyboard

by Natasha Christopher

The iKBC Keyboard ensures a fun-filled and comfortable typing experience for you.

iKBC keyboards new products that we’ll be featuring in is the named Table E401 under their new E series, which means Ergonomics.

Design (4.5/5) 
First glance, the iKBC Table E401 looks like a luxurious keyboard that has a size of Ten-keyless and size of the full-size keyboard with number pad. E401 contains 87 keys and uses QWERTY arrangement for the key set. The concept for continuous curve with 6 different height will provide you with comfortably typing experience.

On the side is a complete curve, which can fit the natural curve of the fingers. With that you can easily strike the keyboard with a relaxed posture, making more creative energy to flow within you. 
Features (5/5) 

E401 is built with Cherry MX series switches, it comes with a USB Type-C connecting port, and supports N-key roll-over. E401 comes with backlit which can be adjusted to your own preference. What makes this keyboard different from a traditional keyboard is its security features. You have a unique feature which you can create a password to deactivate and lock your keyboard. 

However, the keyboard locking feature will be activated when the green switch is turned to the left, when the keyboard is locked, the keyboard will not be able to provide any service. When it’s switched to the right, the keyboard is activated and ready to use. A passcode can be set up to activate and deactivate the keyboard as well.  

Besides that, the E401 provides and supports 7 types of backlit which include: Solid, Breathing, Single Colour, Reactive, Wave, Ripple, Lightening modes. Easily to be adjusted the backlit modes by pressing on the Fn+F2. 

Performance (4.7/5)

With the spacious armrest given into this iKBC E401 increase the lot of the keyboard size, it’s an amazing usage for working people who are in the office. Plus, it’s spacing between from one key to another keycap saves more effort. It is the extremely comfortable keyboard to use provided you have the room for it due to its size. 

Keycap has been styled, increased by 40% of the surface size compared to standard keycap giving users a comfortable experience and increasing typing accuracy. 

Besides, when it’s night time, you can enjoy the bright backlighting on all keys, combined with the many brilliant lighting effects.  

E401 mechanical keyboard comes with beautiful multimedia dial giving the ability to rotate both ways and press down to control volume. Every stroke counts: advanced N-key rollover functionality makes all your keystrokes count. 


Although the size of this keyboard may be slightly big in size it features supersedes every other flaw they have.


Logical layout: ANSI | LED Colour: White: Weight: 3.00 lbs | Size: TKL/Tenkeyless | Price: RM 449 

For more information please contact:

IT Comp Sales&Services SDN BHD

03-8941 4607 // www.itcomp2u.com/



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