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Malaysia Sets Record for the Highest Altitude Live Music Performance

by Natasha Christopher

Minggu Muzik Malaysia (MMM) has received recognition by the Malaysia Book of Records for its Concert in the Air as the “Highest Altitude Live Music Performance”. The record-breaking flight, AirAsia AK5106 departed Kuala Lumpur and was bound for Kota Kinabalu. The mini-concert featured MMM 2019’s star artiste Ayda Jebat and independent band Shadow Puppet Theatre where they performed for 30 minutes during the 2 hours 40 minutes flight. Concert in the Air is proudly
sponsored by official mineral water, Spritzer in celebration of its 30th anniversary and was attended by Guest of Honour Datuk Ahmad Shah Hussein Tambakau, Chairman of Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board (Tourism Malaysia).

At the luncheon hosted by Tourism Malaysia, Malaysia Book of Records Chief Executive Officer Dato’ Michael Tio commented after presenting the award to Fan. He said, “Malaysia Book of Records is proud to recognise MMM’s monumental achievement. Initiatives like this are what push the boundaries of the ordinary to become the source of inspiration for others. This feat accomplished by fellow Malaysians is a true testament to the Malaysia Boleh spirit. We are eager to see what MMM will bring to the table next and wish them the best.”

MMM is a week-long celebration of original Malaysian music with its inaugural edition to take place in Kuala Lumpur from 9th to 15th September. The most anticipated activity will be the final concert held in conjunction with “Festival Permainan Malaysia” and Malaysia Day celebration on 14th to 16th September at Dataran Merdeka organised by Jabatan Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Negara (JKKN) with the venue hosted by Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL).

The finale concert will feature star artistes including Ayda Jebat, Faizal Tahir, Hujan, Ella, Rabbit Mac, Fuying & Sam, Priscilla Abby and Dennis Lau who all are set to perform and wow the audience. Selected independent bands from SKOWT, a platform which focuses on unsigned artistes worldwide, will also be performing there. Concertgoers who would like to get up close and personal with their favourite artiste are encouraged to get their VIP Zone Pass-through MMM’s website and participating partners.
MMM 2019 is supported by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MoTAC), Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board, Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA), Branding Association of Malaysia, Recording Academy of Malaysia (RIM), Malaysia Book of Records and is partnering with AirAsia BIG, Nerdunit, Astro Radio, Fave, 8excite, Potboy, SKOWT and many others.

For more information about MMM, please visit www.mmm2019.my.

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