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Panasonic Batteries Continues To Spark Our Lives! 

by Natasha Christopher

Batteries are essential components of most electrical devices. They exist in our cars, laptops CD players, electrical tools and other appliances. When it comes to batteries, it will always be vital for life. One of the reasons a battery comes in handy is when it’s superior performance is exceptional, marathon endurance, excellent value and has a class-leading safety.

Introducing the Panasonic Alkaline and Battery Technology which fits all the requirements, 

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You can play longer with EVOLTA and Alkaline batteries! 

A new surfactant material diffuses discharge byproducts and improves zinc utilization, boosting the battery life by about 20% in continuous use. Devices such as torches and toys can be used for longer than ever. 

Triple Tough Coating 

Triple Tough Coating is a nickel-and-iron alloy sandwich that reduces contact resistance and lets your gear work every time. In other batteries, contact resistance can cause nickel layers to peel off and the battery to fail. In this case, the alloy later prevents iron oxidation, hence oxidation is minimized.  
panasonic alkaline
No Leaks 

Panasonic Alkaline has a unique Anti-Leak Protection that suppresses gas when a battery depletes or is stored for a long period. Less gas pressure means less chance of rupture, protecting your devices from damage. 

These Panasonic batteries did independent testing by certifications laboratory Intertek that proved EVOLTA and Alkaline batteries are more resistant to leaks than all other countries batteries in their class. 

In high temperature, high humidity conditions when the battery is in an unused state after a long period in storage. Competitive alkaline AA batteries in ASEAN countries were used. Testing also proved that the Panasonic EVOLTA and Alkaline batteries suffered zero leaks during a three-month period. 

The secret to their number 1 performance can be said from their material. 

High reactivity materials 

Improved materials drive high-drain devices longer. Extra Power Formula guarantees high performance every time. 

Ultra-High Density Filing Technology 

Uniform and homogenized filling material ensure power stability over extremely long periods. 

Advanced Structural Design 

Reduced gasket and can size means more space for active ingredients, giving you more power for your money. It has an increased inner volume, ultra-thin can with varied thickness and a thin gasket technology for better efficiency. 

Tips on how you can preserve the battery life span

  1. Unplug your Laptop/Smartphone 
  2. Know when your battery has run dry 
  3. Watch for heat and cold
  4. Remove batteries from devices when not in use for long periods
  5. Switch off your device after use 
  6. Reduce the screen timeout 
  7. Avoid installing batteries in the wrong direction 


Panasonic EVOLTA AAA size (4 pieces) – RM 15.70 

Panasonic EVOLTA AA size (4 pieces) – RM 15.70


Panasonic Alkaline AAA size (4 pieces) – RM 13.40 

Panasonic Alkaline AA size (4 pieces) – RM 13.40

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