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Vin’s Restaurant & Bar, TTDI Is Your Next Go-To Dining Experience 

by Natasha Christopher

In the hustle and bustle along Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) streets, lies a gem of a restaurant called Vin’s Restaurant & Bar. It was all started from the founder/owner, Navin who firmly set his path of being a food innovator and restaurateur. Vin’s opened its doors in July of 2009 and from there, the rest is history.

One of the guiding principles of the restaurant is the strict adherence to quality. From fresh, organic produce to antibiotic-free, free-range meats and wild-caught seafood, Vin’s kitchen has always made quality a priority. Vin’s make their own sauces, broths and stocks, creating everything from scratch in small batches to ensure the consistency and freshness of the product. It has always been a point of pride that their dishes are all cooked a la minute, arriving at your table cooked specifically for you. What’s best is the fact you get to see the chefs take their pasta making skills to the deck giving guests are chance to see their food being made from scratch right in front of them.   
Vins resto
Their cosy interior designed to give the guest a warm welcome feeling and it’s food is drawn inspiration to Navin’s early childhood memories and over the years, they have recreated new menus and mouth-watering beverages combining both excellent flavour and techniques. 

Vin’s is more than just serving you the best and delicious food, they highly prioritise their service by their staff as well as their handcrafted drinks. Once you enter in Vin’s Restaurant & Bar, you’ll be overwhelmed with a sense of relaxation that you wouldn’t want to leave the restaurant. 

The current menu now pays homage to Navin’s childhood memories, also draws from his hard-earned maturity as a food innovator. Let’s check it out! 

Orange Almond Salad, RM25 
This colourful salad really does wonders for your Instagram feed. It comes with crushed almonds, orange, radicchio, celery, baby spinach, avocado, fresh mozzarella, mountain honey and a squeeze of lemon juice. The fact that the acidity of the orange goes pretty well with the rest of the dishes totally blew my mind. The crunchiness of the almonds would be the next best thing as you endeavour this simple yet elegant salad. Overall, the salad has a pretty balanced flavour although you may think the orange may have overwhelmed the taste, I was certainly wrong about that. 

Brandy Prawn Bruschetta, RM 30 
The tapas in this dish comes with a Hennessey brandy aioli, sea white prawn, basil pesto and a fresh baguette. The juiciness of the prawn is what makes it such a succulent eating experience. If you’re worried the alcohol might overpower the taste, it won’t. The alcohol taste comes as rather of an after taste but blends very well with the pesto itself. Making it an amazing fusion of food. The portion comes with 6 cut down pieces of the crunchy baguette. Hence, a perfect appetiser before moving on towards the main course. 

July-5Extra info: Also, make sure you try their specials called Funghi Ripieni. It’s a juicy Cajun-spiced button mushroom stuffed with baby spinach & ricotta cheese, baked to perfection and garnished with toasted pine nuts. Served on a bed of honey soy glazed cashew nuts

Prawn Diavollo, RM 32 
Looking for an adventure and spicing up your pasta? Prawn Diavollo is here to the rescue. It comes with a hand made linguine noodle, Sabah sea white prawn, garlic oil, chilli oil, cayenne, chilli padi, parsley, shallot, garlic, a Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and to top one last kick to the dish, crushed chilli. There are about four different types of spicy notes in the pasta, so you know they ain’t playing when it comes to how devilishly spicy it can be. Although for those who have good spicy food tolerance, it only comes a shrug off the shoulder, however, you’ll still be panting a little after eating this. When it comes to the flavours, it’s such a simple dish but the flavours just pop in the most right way. A generous portion too so you can share it with your loved ones. 

Norwegian Salmon with Honey Lemon Soy, RM 58 
Vin’s Restaurant & Bar best seller dish to date. The magnificent presentation of the dish makes it a beauty to behold. The main star of this food is it’s beautifully cooked to perfection Norwegian salmon accompanied by spinach ragout, herb butter, lemon, basil pesto and microgreens. To be honest, the creamed spinach doesn’t leave you feeling satiated but rather the perfect combination with the Norwegian Salmon itself. With the Asian touch of fusion of the honey lemon soy, it gives a slight but great change to the dish in terms of its flavours and the richness of it all. 

Treacle Pudding, RM 24 
Vins pudding
To finish it all off with dessert, Vin’s Restaurant serves also one of their lip-smackingly good sweetness. Treacle Pudding comes with fresh seasonal fruits, cinnamon custard sauce, mint and the steamed treacle sponge cake as the foundation. Creamy and moist pudding made it all worthwhile. Not only does the treacle pudding has a robust flavour but the mint in the pudding makes it a tad crisp and adds an essence of freshness to the whole dessert. 

Make sure you don’t leave before trying their handcraft alcohol drinks like the Orange Parfait Malbec, Dow’s Fine White Port, and their Vincello.

Tip: You can get a free alcohol shot too! Just post on your Instagram feed anything about Vins, put the location to Vins Resto Bar, then you tag them with the hashtag that follows: #VinsKL #Vinscomfort #Vinskitchen.  Proceed on further by letting the friendly staff know and the shot is yours!

If you’re looking for an amazing date night or a place where you can chill and relax with your loved ones, here’s the info. 

Address: No. 6, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 1, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Phone number: 012-200 2119

Business Hours: 4 pm to 12 am 

Social media: @vinskl 

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