Home Highlight Influencer, Isabelle Kwan Shows Us the Beauty of Perth, Australia 

Influencer, Isabelle Kwan Shows Us the Beauty of Perth, Australia 

by Natasha Christopher

All things considered Perth, Western Australia is probably the greatest holiday destination for Malaysian’s and here’s why. Western Australia is around the size of Western Europe and accounts for one-third of the Australian continent. It boasts 20,000 kilometres of mainland and island coastline, the world’s oldest minerals and a host of natural wonders found nowhere else on Earth.

Each region in Western Australia boasts surreal natural landscapes amidst rare and unique wildlife, laid-back towns, mesmerising coastal and aquatic experiences, and amazing food & wine options. 

This time we explore it through the eyes of social media influencer, Isabelle Kwan. She embarks on a journey to the wonderful city of Perth where she encountered from standing of the famous Pinnacles limestone formation, getting up close and personal with the kangaroo’s and also posing alongside the Blue Boat House. 

Rainbow Sea Container Art 

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What’s not to love about this defying gravity, a colourful rainbow. It makes it all the more awesome to take a picture with to create memories. The artwork is 9 metres high, 19 metres long and weighs 66 tonnes. It’s kinda big when you think about it. The colourful sea container work was created by Perth artist Marcus Canning. The artwork was constructed with the help of large cranes on Beach Reserve, next to Canning Highway on the way into Fremantle town, overlooking the famous Swan River. 

Lancelin Sand Dunes 

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Lancelin has become one of Australia’s premier sandboarding destinations. Featuring pure white sand dunes, over three stories high, with free entry, the Lancelin sand dunes are a must when you travel to the Western Australia part for a dose of adventure. 

The Lancelin Dunes are only 1.5 hours north of Perth and are an easy day trip. Renting a car and self-driving is definitely an option; park at the entrance to the dunes and walk or take your 4 wheel drive all the way to the main sandboarding hill.

The Pinnacles 
Processed with VSCO with ss3 presetThis is one place everyone should be making a pitstop to! One of Australia’s best kept secrets in Nambung National Park. Centred on the town’s of Cervantes, Jurien Bay and Leeman, this destination features the World Famous Pinnacles Desert, a diversity of wildflowers, unique fauna, pristine beaches, and amazing seafood too.

The Pinnacle, specifically, contains thousands of limestone Pinnacles and some up to 5 meters high. It is produced by the windblown calcium carbonate which was the combination of wind, rain and the cementing agent of calcium. Today, the surface of the earth becomes a pillar of stones that becomes the natural spectacle of tourist and worldwide.

Blue Boat House 

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The Perth Crawley Edge Boatshed or as it’s commonly known as the Blue Boat House is really the most highly Instagram-able place. It is also known as the blue house at swan river or even simply, the blue house in Perth. This iconic boathouse is accessible from Mounts Bay Road below Kings Park. It has been around since the 1930s and recently revamped and repainted the beautiful blue colour. 

Be sure to check the Eliza Sculpture in the middle of the ocean. The sculpture has its own lighting from solar panels. 

Processed with VSCO with ss3 presetI got up close with the furry animals that Australia is known for! Made me so happy 🙂

Processed with VSCO with ss3 presetI simply can’t resist just enjoying my ice cream by the beach. What a relaxing day that was. 

You can find Isabelle Kwan parading through some of the most happening events and travelling spree. Follow her here; 

Instagram: isabelleyt, 115k followers. 

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