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Rotating A Better Image With The Samsung Galaxy A80

by Natasha Christopher

image via newsxind  

The Samsung Galaxy A80 promises better documentation of your life (LIVE) and creating memories.

Capturing the essence of a sophisticated smartphone that caters to all may it be through a live video, or snapping pictures. 

Design 5/5 

First, look, this ghost-white coloured Samsung Galaxy A80 has a glossy look to it that makes it look extra special and exclusive. The maximized New Infinity Display is near bezel-less, no notches, no distractions. It comes with a 6.7” Full HD+Super AMOLED offers a big and bright canvas to explore your creativity so you don’t miss anything out. 

Image via Expert Reviews

Image via Expert Reviews

Giving you more room to play. Galaxy’s A80’s smooth curve is designed for ease of use too when you’re going live for a long period of time.  Its striking design comes with a glass and metal frame that’s easy to hold day and night. 

Feature 5/5 

The first thing you’ll try when it comes to a smartphone is their camera features. The Samsung Galaxy A80 features some of their best cameras works so far. The moment you switch to a selfie mode, a rotating camera comes about. Sounds super exciting right? The triple camera slides and rotates to catch what’s happening in front and behind. Therefore, now you have one camera that shoots on both sides to capture all your moments. The camera that’s built for live video and not just for selfies. It has an 8MP Ultra Wide Camera with 48 MP main camera and a 3D depth camera. 

Image via New Atlas

Image via New Atlas

The Galaxy A80’s 48MP camera gives you super crisp, clear resolution for shot-worthy moments. You’ll notice the difference when vlogging and streaming your day-to-day adventures. 

Just how the Galaxy A80’s widescreen, this incredible 123-degree field of vision, their Ultra-Wide Camera is built to capture as wide as the human eye can see. So as things happen, you can see and share more.  

The Live Focus is not only available on photos but also on video! Live Focus video lets you blur out distracting backgrounds in your videos to make your main subject come to life.

Performance 4.5/5 

When it comes to its security, their On-Screen fingerprint is fused into the glass right when you need it, tap and go. Rest assured, your data is fully secure and you’ll have access to your phone when you need it. 

Image via Forbes

Image via Forbes

Plus, this phone is up for any challenge. The Intelligent Performance Enhancer recognizes your mobile habits and optimizes the powerful Octa-Core Processor and 8GB of RAM so you can stream, game, and use your phone with incredibly high performance. 

With an impressive feature in this phone, it’s only fitting to have a long-lasting battery life span. Luckily, the Samsung Galaxy A80 ensures you are able to connect, stream and share anytime, anyplace. Their 3,700 mAh battery with its 25W Super Fast Charging Technology makes this phone a true genuine purchase for a long time. The Galaxy A80 learns your daily routines and usage patterns too while optimizing power by closing unused apps. 

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Image via TechRadar 

If you feed to share your story via live video, or through snaps, the Samsung Galaxy A80 is the one for you. Be sure to check their features of steady video features and scene optimizer. 


CPU Speed : 2.2GHz |Resolution (Main Display): 1080 x 2400 (FHD+) | Memory RAM Size (GB): 8 | USB Interface: USB Type-C | Price: RM 2499. 


Samsung Malaysia Electronics | 1800 889 999 | WWW.SAMSUNG.COM.MY/ 

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