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Porkville, PJ Delivers Some of The Best Mr Oinkster’s Porky Goodness

by Natasha Christopher

Just like the name suggests, it’s food with all things pork. Any fusion of food you have, it’s been diversified with amazing pork as the star of the dish.

The concept behind Porkville was only born by the owner who remains to be named as Mr Oinkster, saw the area/space it has and figured the next best thing to do with it. From his love from pork, he decided to come up with a fun parody of local dishes that have been “babi-fied”(pork-filled). Curating an exquisite yet almost a satire-like of Malaysian “porked” food. 

Located just  5-minutes walk from LRT Asia Jaya and 2 minutes walk from BAC College PJ, getting there isn’t an issue for many. Plus, it has a warm ambience to the restaurant that it’s a perfect place for family and friends to meet up for lunch and dinner. Adding to the fact they play amazing old school music while you eat and drink, definitely puts you to a chill mode.

When asked Mr Oinkster on why pork, he simply answered: “I love pork”. I mean I can’t argue with that because I’m a huge fan of pork too. With that being said, let’s hog on the food choices we were presented with;

Oinkster Burger 
 The mother of all burgers is something you need to try here if you’re a fan of pork burger. It comes with a beautiful 50g of barbecued pork belly chopped goodness, about 5 different types of special homemade sauce, and fresh lettuce between buns. Although it’s a messy eating type of experience where it requires you to get your hands dirty, it’s worth it. The pork belly fat itself that melts in your mouth simply goes very well with the variety of sauces. You even have french fries as your side dish too. The portion is pretty generous so you can share this with your loved ones. 

Butter Pork 
butter pork
Have you ever has pork but in creamy butter form? If not, the Porkville edition of butter pork would get you feeling all kinds of yummy. The dish consists of pork meatballs drenched in creamy butter sauce and is served with rice. The thickness of the sauce is legit and the meatballs have been truly infused in making its buttery goodness. However, the sauce was a little salty to my taste but if you’re eating together with the rice, then it’ll still an enjoyable meal for everyone. 

Devil Pork Chops
Not for the faint of hearts! This dish can either make or break you. The reason being is the fact of how devilishly spicy it can be. Take it from an Indian girl who eats chilli padi with almost anything, the Devil Pork Chops sure did test my spice tolerance. The pork chops are deep fried and are topped with their spicy chilli blend. It comes with an additional sauce to go called Mr Oinkster’s BBC sauce ( Balinese Black Chilli Sauce). If you think that sauce is there to cool you down after that fiery chilli blend, think twice. As spicy as it was for me, I thoroughly enjoyed this simple dish with the help of water, duhh 😀 

Nasi Lemak Bacon Tabur 
One of Porkville’s best seller dish, this local Malaysian sweetheart food, nasi lemak is being modernized in making the pork bacon being the lead singer for this deliciously looking dish. Served with a fragrant coconut milk rice that is served with the regular ingredients in a nasi lemak like anchovies, fried peanut, egg and their very own bacon sambal. The Nasi Lemak is further enhanced with a generous portion of bacon that’ll make you hog the whole thing. The sambal in this dish is one of the factors advocates the Nasi Lemak Bacon Tabur to be the star that it deserves. A balanced sweet and spicy taste to the sambal makes it a great eating experience with the tenderness of their bacon. 

Wild Boar Briyani 
Wild Boar Briyani
And it’s definitely incomplete if I didn’t mention on the combination of pork and briyani. Introducing the Wild Boar Briyani that would satisfy your briyani cravings. It comes with a wholesome aromatic briyani rice with a good portion of the wild boar plus with spices. Of course, it is topped with bacon bits, further enhancing their concept of all things pork. You can share this main course food with at least 2 to 3 people. 

Also, remember to unwind with a glass of cold beer there too because let’s face it, beers are a temporary solution but together with Porkville, it’s lifelong happiness. 

Reasons you should dine in Porkville according to Mr Oinkster: Great vibes and greater food. 
Mr Oinkster
There are also going to be new updates and happenings, stay tuned to their updates through their social media sites: 

Facebook: Porkville

Instagram: Porkville PJ

Address: Lot 2, Lorong Utara (B), Pjs 52, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Business Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 12pm-3.30pm, 6pm – 10pm & Sunday 12pm – 10pm, closed on Mondays.

All of the food here ranges from RM5-RM30. 

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