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Masked In The Glory of Botanics Cotton Mask

by Natasha Christopher

It’s a beauty tip for generations that mask are effective and leaves you feeling refreshed after you’ve finished applying on your face. Face masks are the ideal healthy skin treatment to assist you with your skin health issue concerns. The correct face mask can help hydrate skin, expel overabundance oils and help improve the presence of your pores. They’re likewise an incredible method to help haul out impurities.

When it comes to a face mask, there’s just a feeling of deep relaxation you go through. Best to cool it down is by placing the mask beforehand into the refrigerator. It makes you feel luxurious, and remember to set “me” time when you decide to yourself a mask.  

Besides that, cleansing each day helps your skin to feel clean again. The surface level of your skin could be eliminated too from dirt, oil, makeup and impurities. Well, masks are incredible at providing this deeper cleansing process for a wholesome experience. Plus you can unclog pores and flurry of breakouts. I mean who doesn’t love that? 

What if I told you there is a freshly mask for you that is available in three different flavours with various functions for your face? Introducing the Mentholathum’s Botanics Cotton Facial Mask. It comes with a green tea packet for brightening purposes, honey for tightening of the face and rice for the nourishment of the face.  

Mentholatum Botanics Green Tea Brightening Facial Mask, RM 6.30 
For the green tea, it is formulated from the best green tea from Kyto, is naturally rich in theanine and tea polyphenols which are effective anti-oxidants to improve skin roughness and tone. The Nymphaea Alba Flower helps soothe irritation, improve skin dullness and enhance luminosity. Definitely suitable for sensitive skin. 

Mentholatum Botanics Honey Tightening Facial Mask, RM 6.30
Next, the royal jelly and propolis and honey are rich in amino acids and vitamins to moisturize and repair skin. The essence in this mask has a Centella Asiatica which helps stimulate skin collagen production and improve skin elasticity and firmness. 

Mentholathum Botanics Rice Nourishing Facial Mask, RM 6.30 
Rice extracted nutrients from rice fermentation which can deeply nourish and moisturize skin. It’s a 100% natural cotton made from natural cotton and adheres to face, leaving you feeling soft and light-weight. The Trehalose ingredients in the mask with long lasting moisturization to keep the skin hydrated. 

*All of these facial masks has no bleach and is comfortable. Made from natural ingredients too.

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