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How Culture Transcends Across Fashion 

by Natasha Christopher

Image via Notorious Mag

When it comes to the fashion world, thing gradually change no matter if its bringing back old style or newer design that makes you go “what on earth is that?”. Cultural fashion has always been a traditional root that has kept us true to our identity. Up until a few years back, that fashion designers started dressing the models up with high fashion traditional attire into their runway fashion shows.

So many things have changed over the years when it comes to switching a traditional garment to fit the stylish world as it progresses. From Asian influences, South America to Africa, here are some of the cultural clothing that designers have managed to pull off.

Indian Influence 
fashion indian 3
A sari or sarees are a women’s garment from India that consists of a drape and an inner blouse. The fact you can play around the styling when it comes to tying a saree right, and the type of cut you want your blouse to be, is what makes it a diverse fashion statement. 

Nowadays, designers are including a fusion of glitz and belt into the mix. Take it from renowned Lebanese designer, Ellie Saab who was inspired by India’s fashion scene including a new blend to the Spring Summer 2016 at Paris Fashion Week. 
fashion indian 2
From Indian culture fashion influences, you have an array of other traditional clothes such as salwar kameez, lehenga, kurti and kurta pajama, sherwani, dhoti kurta for men. 

South America 
fashion america
From the land that brought you football, waxing and samba, their vibrant and colourful fashion statement on the other hand, really attracted a lot of fashion designers to do a sort of a spin-off with their style. 

Their style is so diverse there that even senior citizens prefer wearing smart looking attire or even in miniskirts. There is certainly no place for soft or dull colours in the Brazilian fashion circle. 
fashion america 3
Staying true to their vivacious style, fashion designers are now mixing and matching different colours to pieces of clothing plus including prints and bigger hoops earring. 

Chinese Influence 
fashion chinese 3
A cheongsam is perhaps the pinnacle to a women’s sexiness when it comes this cultural Chinese outfit. The feminine body-hugging dress with distinctive features on its materials makes it transformative for many creative people out there. 

With heart-shaped neckline, laces and wrap type of cheongsam style is what’s the fashion has transformed a what used to be clothing wear for the upper socialites during the 1920s in Shanghai. It has now become a wardrobe staple for a new generation. 
fashion chinese 1
Even in Hong Kong movie, actresses are seen to be sporting different cheongsams ranging from bright florals to cool geometrics. 

fashion africa 2
There is no doubt that Africa is one of the most unique cultures as well as their fashion statement. From its cultural creative traditional clothing sets an example of couture and courtesy. Since Africa is such a large and diverse continent, traditional clothing differs throughout each country. 

There has been a constant outpouring of creative talent from African fashion influence from photographers, furniture designers and fine artists across the continent to jewellery and fashion designers in the previous few years.
fashion africa 1
You can even see celebrities portraying African culture down at the red carpet to show how proud they are of their diversity.

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