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Delve Into A Mind-Blowing Experience At The Human Exhibit: Sex&Gender Play

by Natasha Christopher

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything from this play. Perhaps just sitting down and enjoying my Friday night with close friends. What I didn’t see coming was how profound and immensely brilliantly put together the whole play was. Although the first 5 minutes of the play may come across like some pop-up scare might happen with two people holding up a mirror and not moving, but really look at the underlining message they are trying to come across is what blows your mind.

Image via Centrestage.my

Image via Centrestage.my

This ain’t your regular show where you sit and just watch a show from one view alone. The fact that you’re basically a part of the show by being a voluntary extra in a scene, walking from a different set to another, and watching a scene up close and personal too, really hits home to some of us.

Image via Centrestage.my

Image via Centrestage.my

Based on true stories being acted out, “THESE” controversial performance play delves into topics like same-sex love, gender equality, gender identity, discrimination and struggles and toxic masculinity. Some of the viewers may not be comfortable throughout the whole show as it may contain partial nudity, sexual themes, bright lights, loud noises, tight spaces, and strong language. You are given a sticker upon registration. If at any point in time, you feel uncomfortable, you can remove the sticker and the team will assist you with anything you need.

Produced by Ian Skatu, and Dhinesha Karthigesu said that the whole preparation for The Human Exhibit: Sex & Gender took them about 2 months to do so.

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I went to watch #TheHumanExhibit by @imentertainment.my last night. It was amazing. It is a fantastic collection of thought-provoking performances that brings you face to face with issues of sex, sexuality, and gender in our society. It deals with topics that are often ignored or deemed inappropriate to discuss. The performances highlight the internal and external struggles people have to confront when they do not conform to societal expectations and pressures. It is sad at times, empowering at others, but overall a very powerful and emotional performance. I would really recommend you attend if you are able to. It definitely made me feel a roller-coaster of emotions in the best way. Also, I am extremely proud of @ianskatu and others for putting this on. It is definitely a conversation that needs to be had in today’s climate, and they are taking steps to confront these issues. Now, go watch it!

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What I love about this play that I was fortunate enough to witness was how genuine and well-acted out the actor and actress were. They articulate their words well with real emotions, dance like it’s their last time on earth and delivered a high-quality performance in this underrated play. The message that bears across throughout this one and a half hour performance just give me goosebumps. It makes you think of the unspoken words, thoughts and struggles that “THESE” people have to go through day to day.

If performing arts is your thing or you want to venture into different plans for your weekend, I highly suggest going for The Human Exhibit: Sex&Gender. Located in AkuSembunyi, private property in Petaling Jaya from  4th – 14th of July 2019. 
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Get your tickets now at https://these.peatix.com/!! (Audiences are to choose only ONE CYCLE. If you want to come for more, you are welcomed to do so. Each cycle is limited to 20 people.)

*Performances are based on personal and artistic depictions. For mature audiences only. #THESE #THEHUMANEXHIBIT

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