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Get Flawless Skin with the Hada Labo Kouji Range

by Natasha Christopher

Our skin is exposed to many types of aggressors as we age – harsh UV rays, fluctuating weather, hormonal changes, diet, stress and even lifestyle. The presence of a good daily skin care regime that targets premature ageing such as the new Hada Labo Kouji range enables the skin to fight against external factors that may damage skin, at the same time providing hydration and recovery to ensure that skin stays fresh, hydrated and clear.

TVB Actress, Priscilla Wong recently graced the Hada Labo Kouji event that was held in Sunway Pyramid.

TVB Actress, Priscilla Wong recently graced the Hada Labo Kouji event that was held in Sunway Pyramid.

Many women do not realize that premature ageing actually begins as early as their 20s. Although skin still looks supple and healthy from the surface, Hada Labo has discovered that women should start tackling signs of ageing during their early 20s as the skin barrier function and defence power against oxidative stress decline, causing the skin to lose its ability to protect itself against environmental aggressors. The Hada Labo Kouji range is specially formulated to prevent premature ageing due to loss of hydration. The range not only deeply moisturizes and nourishes skin, but it also boosts skin’s smoothness and firmness, leaving skin significantly soft, smooth and supple.
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The fascinating story behind Hada Labo Kouji began with the traditional brewing of Japanese sake. Despite being of old age, the sake brewers’ hands remain smooth and youthful, thus began the cultivation of the secret ingredient called “Kouji”. “Kouji” is derived from Japanese fermented white rice which is packed with vitamins, amino acids, minerals and natural moisturising properties to keep skin soft, supple and crystal clear. High Molecule Hydrolysed Rice Protein attaches to the skin surface to prevent evaporation of moisture from the skin while Low Molecule Hydrolysed Rice Protein, a natural moisturizing ingredient, penetrates directly into the outer most layer of skin to lock in moisture and keep skin hydrated.

The complete set of the Hada Labo Kouji range consists of the Kouji Treatment Cleansing Foam, the Kouji Treatment Cream, Kouji Treatment Night Cream and the star product which is the Kouji
Treatment of Essence. This ultra-hydrating essence is to be used twice daily after cleansing and before the cream to ensure that skin stays moisturised throughout the day. An application of the essence before going to bed will promote skin cell regeneration. Come morning, say hello to hydrated and glowing skin!

The Hada Labo Kouji range is suitable for all skin types and is free of fragrances, colourants and mineral oils.

Hada Labo Kouji Cleansing Foam Treatment (RM 50) 
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Ultra-fine and dense foam for deep cleansing. Gently deep clean pores and lock-in moisture leaving skin with a healthy, radiant glow.

Hada Labo Kouji Essence Treatment (RM 120) 
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Light and fluid, the essence deeply penetrates into every layer of skin thus providing a lasting hydrating effect. Use twice a day before applying the moisturizing cream.

Hada Labo Kouji Treatment Cream (Day) (RM 125) 
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A lightweight, soft cream texture which deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Nutrients penetrate deep into every layer of the skin to boost skin radiance and reveal a crystal clear, healthy glowing complexion.

Hada Labo Kouji Treatment Night Cream (RM 135) 
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Rich, velvety cream texture to nourish and infuse skin with continuous, intense, mask-like hydration and provide deep and long-lasting hydration to reveal soft, smooth and supple skin in the morning.

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