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Discover The World’s 1st UV Technology for Biore UV

by Natasha Christopher

Japanese women have always been adored for their beautiful bare skin and fair, radiant complexion. The secret to this beauty radiance lies in an effective skincare regime paired with innovative protective solutions. Malaysian women who have always desired porcelain radiant skin however, often gets challenged to maintain 360 beauty radiance due to daily exposure of harsh UV rays.

With a tropical climate that shows no mercy to our skin, it becomes more important for Malaysian women to apply sunscreen every day as part of their beauty regime. In Malaysia, the intensity of UV rays has been increasing significantly over the years. What makes matters worse is that UV radiation is not only prevalent outdoors, but can also reach indoors, with up to 70% rays able to penetrate through windows. On top of that, according to Kao Skincare Benchmark Study 2018, only a staggering 17% Malaysian women aged 15-49-year-olds stay covered sufficiently from UV rays.
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With increasing regions in Asia that are experiencing high temperatures and powerful UV rays, the needs and expectations for UV protection are constantly evolving and are increasingly in demand. Realising consumer needs, Kao Biore has taken on the crusade to evolve the UV care mechanism. After 7 years of intensive research following its major debut in 2010, Kao Biore once again storms the revolution with its cutting-edge “Micro Defense Technology” that realises the fullest potential of SPF50+, delivering the highest level of protection. The renewed Aqua Rich UV series now strives to deliver both amazingly light texture made suitable for daily usage yet provides optimal UV protection up to skin’s microscopic level.

“The combat against environmental stress on our skin is getting real. Hence, Kao Biore is constantly delivering consumer-centric beauty innovations in alignment with Kao’s global mission of leading changes that enrich lives. Since its debut, Bioré UV has been a market leader in Japan for the last 12 years, and is currently the No.1 sunscreen brand in Malaysia. ,” said Kao Malaysia’s President Mr Masaki Fujiwara.
New and Improved Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence 

The renewed Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF50+PA++++ is an ingenious hybrid of invisibly strong protective UV veil yet amazingly light on the skin feeling. Works as an ideal moisturising beauty sunscreen for daily usage.

Micro Defense formula for the highest level, broad-spectrum UV protection  

A unique formulation that provides complete coverage down to skin’s micro level for unparalleled daily UV defence, cushioning skin against UVA1, UVA2 & UVB rays that lead to sunburn, uneven skin tone and signs of premature ageing like pigmentation spots and dullness. Its 0.2 micro millimetre anti-UV capsules, which are able to fit into invisible skin crevices by creating an even and seamless netting of the protective veil covering up gaps on uneven skin surfaces at a microscopic level to fend off UV damages.
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Amazing watery light texture with hydrating essence! 

Despite its robust protection against UV, its well-loved watery-like sensational texture remains. It is refreshingly light on the skin with an application, a non-sticky formulation that allows quick absorption leaving no white cast behind. It also doubles up as a moisturising primer as it is infused with moisture-rich beauty ingredients of Hyaluronic Acid&Royal Jelly Extract. Skin is left plump with moisture after application, works wonderfully to blend well for a smooth foundation finish.

Compatible for all skin types, can be used for face&body.


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