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YouTube Giving You More Control Over Your Homepage and Up Next Videos

by Natasha Christopher

Cover image via Engadget 

One thing Youtube consistently heard from you is that you want more control over what videos appear on your homepage and in Up Next suggestions. So YouTube is doing more to put you in the driver’s seat. Three specific changes Youtube will be rolling out in the coming days:

Explore topics and related videos on your Homepage and in Up Next videos: You can now more easily explore topics and related videos, like baking videos, the latest late-night talk shows or your favourite music genre, and see more of what you love on YouTube. The options that you see are based on your existing personalized suggestions and are meant to help you find what you’re looking for faster. They could be videos related to the one you’re watching, videos published by the channel you’re watching, or other topics which may be of interest to you. This new feature can be found on the homepage when you scroll up, and on Up Next when browsing. It will be available for signed in users in English on the YouTube app for Android and will be available on iOS and desktop and other languages soon.

Remove suggestions from channels you don’t want to watch: Although they try their best to suggest videos you’ll enjoy, they don’t always get it right, so we are giving you more controls for when we don’t.  Youtube now made it simple for you to tell them to stop suggesting videos from a particular channel. Just tap the three-dot menu next to a video on the homepage or Up Next, then “Don’t recommend channel”. After that, you should no longer see videos from that channel suggested to you on YouTube. You may still be able to find them if you subscribe, search for them, or visit the channel page or Trending tab. This new feature is available globally on the YouTube app for Android and iOS today and will be available on desktop soon.


We hope you’ll find these new features help you navigate the incredible breadth of content available on YouTube and more easily find great videos to watch!

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