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Why Left-Handed People Are At An Advantage

by Natasha Christopher

It might be hard to believe, but left-handed people make up only an estimated 11% of the population. Can you believe that? How many left-handed friends or family do you know? I bet not many but do you know some of the things a left-handed person has to go through?

Being the only left-handed person during my schooling days really did force me to standout and accept the uniqueness I have in me. Sometimes when we need to use tools during Kemahiran Hidup (Life Skills) class and they will only explain it from a right-hand point of view on how to operate. That alone, sometimes made me feel left out. Wondering at that time, why can’t I just write or get used to my right hand. 

Now, that I’ve grown up, I love being the only person in the room who can write using my left hand. Why? Simply because it’s an identity that not many can possess or have in their life. 


A lefty from the time I learn how to write to present say, I’ve learned and acquired personality that challenged me to be different and learn to adapt. 

The class which I mention above that made me felt abandoned, it did let me utilise the best of my ability – to be an independent person. Partly was also because I was somewhat set apart from the others, I had to learn to be independent. The only way to conform to my right-handed friend was to make sure I completed the task at hand without any delay or complains. I mean it’s good too because I have my own space since I keep elbowing the righties? 

For anyone wondering, yes, we lefties are able to differentiate on the uses of the right hand as eating. At first, it was weird for me to use my right hand to eat as that was the abnormal way since I was so accustomed to my left hand. As time goes by, you feel like hey, I have a talent to juggle using both my hands. I wouldn’t say I was ambidextrous but it sure does feel that way.  

Experts in the industry have said that lefties possess creativity, although it’s still speculative. Reasons behind this were the fact that growing in a left-handed minority at home or at school, they are known as an “outsider’s mindset”. Though I’m not too sure If I want to jump on the gun and say that about myself but I do strive to always think out of the box whenever I’m dealt with a situation. 


My point being is for all those left-handed people out there, embrace that uniqueness in you! After all, you’re pretty much one of the rare human beings in the whole entire world to be a lefty. That is what I call a one in a million skill.

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