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Origins of the Month of June

by Natasha Christopher

And just like that, it’s already 6 months till we ring in the new year for the year 2020!

Here are some fun facts you may need to know about the month of June.

1.  June is the month with the longest daylight hours of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest daylight hours of the year in the Southern Hemisphere.

2. The month of June is probably named after Juno, the wife of Jupiter, and queen of the gods [Hera in Greek mythology]. It was held sacred to her and was thought by the Romans to be the luckiest month for marriage since Juno was the Goddess of Marriage.
3. June’s birthstone is the pearl, the Moonstone and the Alexandrite.

4. In 2009 June was the 662 most popular name for girls in the USA.
5. Famous people born in June include Alan Turing, Alanis Morisette, Angelina Jolie, Anne Frank, David Rockefeller, Johnny Depp, Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Meryl Streep, Mike Tyson, Nicole Kidman, Rafael Nadal, Tom Jones, Zinedine Zidane.

6. The traditional flower of the month of June is the rose, symbolizing love, gratitude and appreciation.

7.  The longest day of the year occurs on either June 21st or 22nd.

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