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Sketch Your Life With The Samsung Galaxy Tab A With The S-Pen

by Natasha Christopher

Image credit via The Android Soul 

The all new Samsung Galaxy Tab A with its exclusive S-Pen would be a perfect space to further enhance your creativity.


First look, you have a modern simplicity with an elegant streamlined finish that feels great in the hand. The minimalistic design is a sight to behold from every angle. The fact that you have a stand supporter for either viewing or touch mode, this makes it easier to watch all your favourite multimedia. It’s lightweight, foldable magnetic book cover also conforms to various different angles for your viewing pleasure.

Image via gsemobiles

Image via gsemobiles

On the bottom of the Tab, you’ll notice a USB C port, one single speaker and the slot for the S Pen. The usual power button and volume controls are on the right side.


The 10.1 wide inch of the WUXGA display makes it super accessible to watch and read all the favourite content online. Its 10.1-inch touchscreen has been given a slightly higher-than-1080p resolution of 1920 x 1200. It’s driven by an eight-core Exynos7870 processor and 3GB of RAM.

Besides that, you get to relieve your best times by snapping a picture with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A. It shoots fast in low light with its 8MP AF f/1.9 rear camera. You can even go with the HDR and the Pro Mode options too.
Tab A with S Pen_Pen-Front_Gray (1)
When it comes to its S Pen, you can simply pop it out to paint, write, sketch, translate, create G animations, open and annotate PDF files. The Tab A 10.1-inch brings all these new S Pen highlights to a tablet. It incorporates another application called Samsung Notes – joining its past applications Action Memo, S Note and Scrapbook into one spot.

Plus, you can even switch your viewing by simply connecting via Wi-Fi direct to share and watch content between your TV and tablet interchangeably without the hassle of messy wiring.


Now you can have called and SNS alerts forwarded straight from your smartphone to your Samsung Tab A with S Pen (10.1). What’s more, you can use Quick Reply to respond right away and keep track of incoming notifications in Dashboard mode.
Tab A with S Pen_L-Perspective_Gray
The S Pen did make the whole process of using the Samsung Galaxy Tab A an easier one as its detect pretty quickly the movement. The S Pen is a functioning pen which, for this situation, underpins 2048 dimensions of weight affectability. It has one catch and shouldn’t be charged.

Introducing the Kids Mode 4.0 too! It is optimized to unleash your child’s creative side. Puts the parent’s mind at ease and letting you lock apps and set usage times. Not only does it have special features for kids, but it has an antiglare screen with a blue light filter which ensures a good eye comfort level for all.


Operating System: Android 6.0 | CPU Speed: 1.6GHz | RAM Size (GB): 3 GB | CPU Type: Octa-Core | Price: RM 1,499 




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