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The 2019 Hari Raya Ads That Have Hit More Than A Million Views On YouTube!

by Natasha Christopher

Cover image credit from left to right: Buro247 Malaysia/ marketing-interactive/ digitalmarket.asia 

Besides Raya shopping, fireworks, planning for ‘balik kampung to be with loved ones and the amazing ketupat/rendang you’ll be feasting, Hari Raya is also the month where famous brands come together to produce a funny or most of the time heartfelt advertisements. It airs for the public to watch in order to further instil the sense of happy Raya-ness to everyone.

Here are some of the famous and more than a million hits views on YouTube for their Hari Raya advertisements you need to be watching;

1. Astro

A video that has garnered 2.7 million views, it depicts based on the family of Apai, where each of them shows off their talents or their strengths when gathered together. However, when a sudden crisis lands upon their family, it made them all grateful to be able to stick through it together no matter how they realized the imperfectness in them.

2.  PLUS

This heart-warming 2.4 million views of Raya ad from PLUS starts with the story of a happy-go-lucky boy named Amir who missed his bus back home to Muar because he needed to return a stranger’s(Pak Man) phone, during that time, he hitched a ride with Pak Man and along the way, he discovers how badly he has treated Amir and misunderstood him. Reminding us that is there is a blessing in every journey.

3. Petronas 

The quest to perfect Soraya’s mum delicious rendang chicken dish, Soraya goes out of her way to recreate the dish. She meets her hometown family friends along the way and finally towards the end, see whether if her dad approves of her rendang dish. The 4.7 million views certainly uphold Petronas as one of the most watched ads no matter which festival is it.

4.  Tenaga Nasional Berhad

The 3.6 million view video starts off with a group of family who is seated in their respective cars in convoy to visit each and every one of their relative’s houses. It shows the typical Raya visit with eating, visiting the elderly and being with the family. However, the moral of the story in this video shows an immense family spirit that no bond should ever break over.

5. Malaysia Airlines

Coming from a standpoint of view from an air-stewardess in Malaysia Airlines, she talks about her definition of Balik Kampung and what joy it is to be serving and getting her passengers reunited with her family back again. The 4.9 million views on YouTube from this airline puts Hari Raya from the eyes of the staff and makes us smile.


The tear-jerker video that garnered 3.2 million views so far on YouTube reveals a story between a struggling mother trying her best to provide for her daughter to ensure her dreams becomes a reality. You’ll see tears and heartbreak in this video that makes a Raya-ful ad with a good moral story.

7. Watsons 

Featuring Malaysian singer, Ayda Jebat as the main character in this 4.2 million views Watsons video, she sees Raya in a different way. A much more grand way. In this ‘Ada Hati Raya Menjadi-Jadi’ video, it conveys the message as long as we have the heart to put in our efforts, we will feel great and it will all be alright.

8. RHB Group 

Based on a true story between a determined teacher and a shy, lonely boy, who is persistent in connecting with her shy student named, Kah Shzen. The teacher did all she can including learning Mandarin and eliminating any differences between them. The 5.5 million views from this heart-warming video only go to show the impact it has on its viewers.

9.  Maxis 

The 1.6 million views for this Maxis video presents a rather different storyline to it. It depicts a young boy who is deaf and his father is determined for him to hear the Raya Takbir by Maxis’s Deria Takbir. The moral of the story is no matter who you are, everyone can now experience the real meaning of Raya thru Deria Takbir.

10. MR DIY 

By taking inspiration from the classic movie of P.Ramlee’s ‘Labu Labi’, it takes a more budgeted way of spending Raya with Mr DIY for the bosses most VVVVIP’s guest. It will make you grateful that no matter what price you put on a celebration, it’s the heart and genuineness that counts. It has 2.1 million views so far.

11. Misterpotato 

Raya Lain Maciem this year for you perhaps? The 2 million views video talk about a young boy named Azman who is constantly shadowed by his other family members. When one day the family went into full panic mode, Azman is persistent in saving Raya this time with Misterpotato.

12. Hong Leong Bank 

It shows a young boy presenting to his classmates about his Raya story and his family members.  The moral of the story for this 1.8 million view video is no matter what dreams you have, always start investing in those dreams from small and never lose hope.

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